Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Must-Have Social Dances For 2015

We're just two weeks away from 2015 and there's still so much to accomplish! Getting through the holidays can be rough, but have no fear, with the new year right around the corner, there's lots to look forward to. If you're like most people, getting into shape, finding new ways to release stress and adding more romance into your life are just a few of the many things you want to conquer in the year ahead. New Year's Resolutions to make all of those things happen are sure to keep you busy in 2015.

If you're looking for a way to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs all in one place, we have the perfect solution for you in 2015...Social dance lessons! What exactly is social dancing? When you're at a wedding, in a bar or on a date and there's a dance floor for you to get up and dance on, you're social dancing! If you live here in Arizona, social dances and where to go social dancing vary greatly from Argentine Tango to Salsa to Swing and the ever-popular Country dance styles. How wonderful that there are options for where to go dancing for those who love a specific kind of music that corresponds with these styles! Country bars are practically on every corner these days, and Latin clubs are popular too! So what are the dances that you should learn in the upcoming year to get you on the path to 365 days of fun, fitness and romance? Here are our top 3 picks:

  • Swing dancing: Swing dancing is timeless, and therefore a must-have dance in every person's repertoire. Even Lady Gaga has even paired up with Tony Bennett to recreate some classic Swings that will keep you on the dance floor all night long. While there are more than 20 variations of  Swing dancing, start with the most basic of them all: Single-Time Swing. This simple version of East Coast Swing will allow you to dance to Rock and Roll, oldies and so much more. Wherever you go, from weddings to Country bars, Swing dancing will be useful, fun and easy to learn!
  • Salsa dancing: If you live in the southwest, you have got to learn to Salsa dance! Latin dancing here in Arizona is wildly popular and so useful. Salsa dancing will make you feel carefree, sexy and ready to have some fun! Shake those hips freely to great Latin music and watch your mind and body transform to another place in time. How's that for relaxing?!
  • Country Dancing: For the number one dance style to learn in 2015, grab a pair of Cowboy boots and head in to see us for Country Two Step and Swing dance lessons. Country dancing is so popular that it has taken over Phoenix in terms of places to go out dancing. Country dancing is a blast and a wonderful way to burn off some steam after a long day at the office, or with the kids. Learn a few slow Country dances for a more intimate evening of Country dancing.
Whether you start with the Country dances or the Latin ones, good for you for making learning to dance part of your New Year's resolutions for 2015! Dancing is a confidence builder, a means of connecting with others and a fun and healthy way to make 2015 your best year yet! For Arizona residents, come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ to discover the excitement of social dancing. We will prepare you to feel comfortable and confident on any dance floor before long!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Invest in Yourself This Holiday Season!

Are you looking to make a wise investment? Would you like a return on your time and money ten-fold? Then you may want to consider investing in social dance lessons for yourself and, if you have one, your special someone. Never thought of dance lessons as an investment? Oh yes, the possibilities of enhancing your life through dance and making the most of what you learn are endless!

Do you like to look great everywhere you go? Getting your hair and nails done and pampering yourself with nice clothes are great ways to make a first impression. But what happens when you're out at a wedding or in a bar and dance music comes on? Knowing how to Country Two Step, Salsa or Swing dance can really leave a lasting impression for onlookers, not to mention your lucky dance partner. If you're single and wanting to meet someone new, taking the time to learn to dance first will speak volumes. For a man, it can send a message that romance and a hobby that includes intimacy coupled with fun is important to you. Now that's attractive!

Whether you have a partner or not, social ballroom dancing builds confidence, improves poise and posture, and is a great means of making new connections. Very few people can partner dance well,  so taking the time to do so will set you apart from the rest.

There's no better time to invest in yourself than now. Holiday parties, weddings and date nights occur all year round, so why not be prepared when you're invited to the next special occasion that will surely include dancing? Arizona residents can become confident and comfortable social dancers by taking social ballroom lessons with us at Dance FX Studios. We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway for your convenience.

After perusing our website, visit our Online Store to give yourself the gift of dance this holiday season. How great will it be to Swing your way into 2015 with style! Gift certificates for friends, family and co-workers are also available so that you can share in the fun of social ballroom dancing. Who knows, if you start now, maybe you'll be ready to Salsa dance at those upcoming summer weddings!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Social Dancing Can Do For You

Social dancing... It's great for the mind, body and spirit! When you think of learning to Country dance or exploring the Argentine Tango, the first thing that comes to mind may not be all of the ways that social dancing can heal you as a person or as a couple, but in fact dancing can do just that. For example, for couples, partner dancing encourages teamwork: two people engaged in an activity for a common goal. In the case of ballroom dancing, that would be for the purpose of having more fun and looking great. Couples also benefit by simply being more physical with each other. Embracing may not be something that couples who have been together for a while do often enough. In partner dancing, couples get to be intimate, and learn a new hobby, all at the same time.

For singles and couples, social partner dancing may inspire one to go out and meet new people who also love to dance. Heading out to a Latin dance club or Country bar and Two Stepping or Salsa dancing the night away with a variety of partners will surely help with forming new friendships with those who have similar interests. A sense of community and belonging is key and, during the holiday months, may be even more essential when you think of those who don't have much family or are looking to expand their social circle with friends who are enthused about the same things.

That being said, social dancing can offer a way to make deeper connections with others. Because dancing is an international language, through it one can connect with others of different cultures on the dance floor. For those that love to travel, try social ballroom dancing in another country and see how easy it can be to relate to a new friend after a dance or two. It's a pretty cool feeling to know that you can feel more aligned to someone from another place after experiencing a dance with them.

Social dancing is a HUGE stress reliever! Now that the holiday season is in full effect, ways to let go of unwanted pressures are primary.  Regardless of the time of year, life can be stressful. Social dancing not only gives you a healthy way to distract yourself from life's burdens, but it also allows you to physically to unwind. Just getting up and moving releases energy that may be pent up from from a long day at work, or spending time with those relatives that seem to show up at your doorstep every holiday. :) Once you really get dancing, like in the Swing for example, your endorphins will also kick in, making it nearly impossible to be in a grumpy mood. Now for that benefit alone, it is worth learning to dance!

There are many, many more reasons why everybody should learn to dance. Music heals the heart and, coupled with physical activity, dancing is the perfect way to enhance your life. If you would like to see how dancing can elevate your spirit, and if you're an Arizona resident, contact us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. In our New Student Offer, you will get a window into the excitement of partner dancing and how easy it is to learn. To get started today, give us a call at 480-968-6177 or submit a request through our website to be contacted. We would love to share the many gifts that social dancing has to offer with you!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Social Dancing is Great For All Ages!

Are you looking for a hobby that you will only get better doing with age? Have you ever thought, "I'd love to learn how to dance, but now just isn't the time."? There is no better time than now to learn popular social dances like the Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dance! Regardless of the stage of life you are in, social ballroom dancing is a rewarding and useful hobby. This holiday season, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving…social dance lessons!  

Throughout life, responsibilities pile up, you have endless commitments, and life can weigh you down. Many of you may find yourselves at the very bottom of that long list of priorities. Making time for you and your loved ones is essential for maintaining your sanity and finding true happiness and success. Excuses to not try something that will enhance your life will continue to arise unless you take the bull by the horns and make sure that your needs come first. 

Social dancing is an exciting way to keep yourself healthy, fit and stress-free throughout any point of your adult life. In your early twenties, life is just beginning. The sky's the limit! But oh, wait! You just nailed that big job you have always wanted and now it's time to get down to business. Fun? That's off the table, at least for now, because building your career comes first. How can you possibly find time to do something for you when you have to prove yourself to the boss? Remember, time for you is exactly what is required to give the best of yourself at work. Learning to Swing or Latin dance can stimulate creativity, release unwanted anxiety and even help you meet cool, new friends. Now that will help relieve the pressures of a new job! 

Once you hit mid-life, the commitment of a family and career are even more complicated when it comes time to finding time for you. Between the kids, work and a spouse, your to-do list never seems to get shorter! To truly take care of those you love, you know that you must take care of yourself first. Time with your partner or even taking dance lessons solo is just what is needed to get through the week. For a pick-me-up, learn something sensual like the Argentine Tango. Or, explore the fun-loving Foxtrot for an evening of fun. Regardless of the dance, lessons will afford you the opportunity to re-charge your battery and therefore be able to give more to others.

When you finally retire, you may be thinking that it's too late to learn to social dance. Never! With the kids out of the home and more time than ever, try out ballroom dancing to keep your mind and body young. Ballroom dancing has actually been found to prevent dementia, among its many other physical, emotional and mental benefits. It's never too late to take care of yourself and discover a way to bring joy, romance and fun into your life.

Now is the best time to learn to social dance! Once you've got the skills, you can use your moves anywhere from holiday parties, to clubs, weddings and on date nights. If you live in Arizona, come try out Dance FX Studio's New Student Offer to begin dancing today. Remember…there's no better time than now to give back to yourself. You deserve it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heat Up Your Winter With Latin Dance Lessons!

Singles and couples, make this winter season sizzle with Latin dance lessons! Discover hot Latin dance styles including Salsa, Bachata, Bolero and Kizomba and watch your love life transform as you shake your hips into 2015!

Latin dancing is sensual, romantic and exciting! Why not get started now on a new and healthy way to meet others or to deepen your connection with someone special? Beginner dancers, don't fear! Everyone starts somewhere in their quest to become a confident Latin dancer. For Phoenix residents, come check us out at Dance FX Studios for Latin dance lessons for beginners and beyond. We have a wonderful New Student Offer that will help you to get started with the basics of those popular dances that you see out in the clubs. Which dances are those? Here are the top three dances that we suggest you learn first if you're interested in learning to Latin dance in Arizona:

1. Salsa: Salsa is a must-have Latin dance that dominates the club scene as the most popular dance in the last decade here in Arizona. Salsa dancing is actually quite easy to learn. What may be a bit tricky is feeling relaxed enough to get those hips moving so you can look the part and not just march through steps without style. Salsa dancing is great fun and also involves lots of turning, which makes most women very happy on the dance floor. Learn to Salsa dance and you will enjoy an evening out without much of a chance to sit on the sidelines. This useful dance will encourage playfulness and sass, the perfect combination for flirty fun!

2. Bachata: Bachata is hot, hot, hot! Steam up any dance floor with the Bachata and all of its sensual movements. This dance is truly for lovers and those who want to get to know each other even more. The Bachata in its most basic form is also easy to learn, but again, what makes it special is the accompanying style that matches the dance. Know how to dance Bachata and you will find many opportunities in the Phoenix area to go out and use this dance.

3. Merengue: Of all the Latin dances, Merengue is the easiest. Get the body wiggling and you too can have fun with this spirited Latin dance. The Merengue, like the Bachata and Salsa, includes a ton of cool moves and variations that will keep you on the dance floor all night long. If you can march, you can Merengue!

If you live in the southwest, knowing how to Latin dance is a great skill to have. No need to stress your way through the holidays this year, relax with dance lessons! Dance FX Studios is located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway. We are available for private and group Latin dance lessons  six days a week for your convenience. Give us a call today to begin your dancing journey!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hottest Country Dances Now

Do you know how to Country dance? If not, you're missing out on one of the most cool and useful things to do that are hot right now. Country dancing here in Arizona is as popular as ever! With bars like Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row in Scottsdale, Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek and San Tan Flat in Queen Creek, takers can go Country dancing almost anywhere in Phoenix. Before you get on the dance floor yourself though, get a few private Country dance lessons under your belt to make your experience that much more fun!

What dances should you request to learn in your Country dance lessons? Here are the most popular must-have dances and a little about why you should know them prior to making your way onto the dance floor.

Country Two Step: The Country Two Step is your staple mid-tempo Country dance that will be used about 50% of the time when you go Country dancing. The basics are easy to learn and the dance is literally based on walking, so if you can shuffle your feet in four directions, you can learn to Country Two Step in no time. What makes this dance exciting and key to know is that there are many fun turns and variations of the basic elements that "spruce up" the Two Step. What may seem basic can evolve into something really lively with some Country dance instruction. Keep this on your list of dances to ask for when taking lessons so that you can have all of your bases covered on the dance floor.

Country Swing: Country Swing right now is the most popular Country dance in Arizona to know! Everyone seems to want to learn all of the exciting flips, dips and tricks that Country Swing can offer. My suggestion? Start with the basics. Learn the timing of the dance and how to apply it to a social dance floor. Explore with a qualified instructor how to dance while being mindful of others so that no one gets hurt. Discover appropriate moves that will keep your partner's arms in their sockets while still having a good time. Be safe, not just trendy.

What is wonderful about the Country Swing is that knowing it means that you can also use this dance and apply it to different genres of music with just a few tweaks. Swing is a need-to-know Country dance that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Line Dancing: If you're getting ready to sign up for Country dance lessons, it is not a bad idea to also ask if your instructor can show you a few popular Line dances. Right now, the Wobble Baby, Copperhead Road and the Cupid Shuffle are in style. While all of these are not necessarily Country dances, they are being played often at the Country bars, making them must-have's and therefore added to the list.

Line dancing is good to know for several reasons. First, if your partner isn't in the mood to dance, or if you don't have a set dance partner, Line dancing allows you to get up and have fun anyway. No need to rely on anyone else to dance for Line dancing! Also, many of the Line dances have elements in them that you can use for freestyle, or solo dancing, in general. Line dancing is a great stress reliever and allows you to join in the fun with others freely.

Now that you know more about which dances to learn, come try out Dance FX Studio's New Student Offer for lessons. We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off of the 101 highway, making us easy for anyone in the Valley to come and check us out. Private Country dance lessons are available to you through us six days a week by appointment. Give us a call at 480-968-6177 to set up your introductory lesson and let the fun begin!

P.S, If you're looking for a way to get started learning to dance at a discount rate, take advantage of Dance FX Studio's Black Friday dance deals on Friday, November 28 and Saturday, November 29th, 2014 only.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips To Becoming a Confident Social Dancer

As you may have already discovered, just because you technically know how to dance, doesn't mean that you can do so with confidence. In fact, sadly, many people who have taken dance lessons, never make it to a live floor to actually put what they have learned into action. Now, if your reason for taking social dance lessons was to stay in your living room or kitchen and dance there, then all may be well. But, most people try Country, Latin or Swing dances for other reasons, like expanding their social circles, finding someone special, or to get off the couch and be around others with similar interests. Regardless of why you began dancing, you can ultimately (sooner rather than later) dance with confidence by following this advice...

1. Start Small: When you're new to dance, a very important element to acclimating yourself to a dance venue outside of the comfort of the studio where you are taking lessons, is to simply watch for the first few times that you go out. Watching will give you an idea of the quality of dancers and whether you want to try and fit into that crowd or not. For example, there are several Country dance bars here in Arizona that attract very wild dancers. They are often doing tricks, lifts or flips that let you know they are not mindful of others. This may not be a place where you choose to try your Two Step or Country Swing dancing out for the first time.

If you find a place that you like, start with one dance and keep it simple. Less is always more until your first success. From there, feel free to layer on one new move each dance until your confidence rises over time. This is not a one-night deal. Stick to it. The results will come.

Another good idea when you are heading out dancing for the first few times is to find a night that may be slower. Less people equals less confusion and need for strong navigation skills. Once you begin to feel comfortable, you can begin going out on busier nights and build from there.

Lastly, request a song that you know when you are ready to get out on the dance floor. This will bring you back to the studio that you are taking lessons from, which should hopefully ease your mind and relax you.

2. Be Realistic: Remind yourself of what you know, and forget about what you can't remember. It's not a big deal to do the basics over and over again until your confidence rises. Repeating the same dance moves actually helps to solidify them and allows to succeed on your first night out without any added pressure.

If you're lucky enough to know someone who is also learning to social Ballroom dance, you may want to head out dancing together. Better yet, practice for an hour together at home first, then give your dancing a shot. Having a buddy is a great way to enter new territory.

3. Go Out Often: At first you may be shy and nervous, but that will wear off after you frequent the same dance venue multiple times. First, you'll begin to see familiar faces. That is reassuring as well as great way to meet new friends. If you're looking for a potential dance partner, going to the same place often will also be a sign of wanting to take your dancing hobby to a new level, which may be attractive to others who want to do the same. Also, visiting the same dance places, you'll know what to expect. That alone will allow you to get into a groove or rhythm with the venue. Knowing what to expect takes the pressure off of being thrown for a loop unexpectedly.

Social Ballroom dancing is an exciting and rewarding hobby for singles and couples. For Arizona residents who live in or around Phoenix, you can get started with social dance lessons at Dance FX Studios! We have a wonderful New Student Offer that will introduce you to dance in a fun and easy way. Dance FX Studios is near the 101 and 60 highways for your convenience. Give us a call at 480-968-6177 or stop by so that we can help you to become a confident social dancer in no time!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Country Dance Lessons at Whiskey Row in Scottsdale

Country dancing...it's fast, furious and tons of FUN! Come discover how to Line dance, Country Swing and Country Two Step dance with us at our NEW group dance classes in Scottsdale. That's right! Whiskey Row in Scottsdale has invited us to be your dance "hosts with the most" every other Thursday at 9 pm, staring again on November 20th, 2014. Come down to Whiskey Row for great drink specials and Country dance lessons with us as a date night or a night out with friends.

Are you looking to become a super-confident Country dancer? Then private Country dance lessons at our studio in Mesa, Arizona will put you on the fast track to being an amazing social dancer. With private Country dance instruction at Dance FX Studios, you will learn how to lead or follow, have a proper dance frame so you know how to hold your partner and get those cool moves that make you stand out with the best of them. As Country music has become so popular in the past decade, the dances that go along with the popular music are must-haves for all Country fans. Soon enough, Country Thunder will be rolling around. Yes...it's almost that time of year again! Why not be prepared this time around and get out on that dance floor for some Two Stepping instead of watching everyone else have fun from the sidelines.

Country dancing is not only easy to learn, but so much fun to use! Whether you are learning the high-energy dances like the Country Swing, or dancing the Country Waltz, social dancing is a wonderful way to connect with others. As we step into the holiday season, there is no better time than now to begin receiving many of the numerous benefits that dancing has to offer. From stress relief to adding romance, social dancing is great to explore as a new hobby.

If you're wanting something new and exciting in your life, come take advantage of Dance FX Studios' New Student Offer for Country dance lessons. We are located in Mesa, AZ, just minutes away from Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe and Chandler, Arizona-right off the 101 highway. We're here to create confident social dancers in all of the most popular social dances, from Country to Latin and Swing dancing. So, if you're ready to get started on the most fun activity ever, give us a call today! We're excited to show you how to dance with confidence!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blake Friday Dance Lesson Deals!

Is it too early to be mentioning Dance FX Studios Black Friday Deals? We think not! Black Friday at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is THE best day of the year for a savings on your favorite hobby: dance! New students and current students will benefit tremendously from shopping in our Online Store for our 24-hour sales event. Get discounts on private dance lessons for Newcomer's, take advantage of our Gift Card promotions and stock up on your dance lessons!Yes! New Year's resolutions are just around the corner and many of you want to be great social dancers in 2015. Why not get a sweet deal now during our Black Friday Savings Event!!

If you see yourself having a blast at a local Country bar in the coming months, then Country Two Step and Country Swing dance lessons are the perfect gift to give yourself, or you and your partner, as the new year approaches. Think about it. If you get started soon, you may even be able to dance well for those holiday dances and New Year's Eve parties. There's no reason to put it off-even if the holiday season is stressful-because social dancing actually relieves stress! Don't pout your way into the holidays this year. Instead, glide your way through the season with a fun and healthy way to spend your time. Whether you are interested in Country dancing, Latin dancing or Swing dancing, you will find that group or private lessons are a wonderful way to unwind a let go of that family drama that the holidays inevitably bring. Maybe this year it's the kids stressing you out, or work. Social ballroom dancing will give you an outlet that will make your worries melt away.

What are the Black Friday Deals that we are offering this year? Well, that remains a secret until Thanksgiving Day! Let's just say that it is the one day of the entire year that you will get the best package offers and discounts. We can tell you that this year, when you share the gift of dance with someone else, you will also get to dance more! That's right! With the purchase of $100 or more in Gift cards, you get a 4 Week Group Dance Course for 2 for FREE!!!! That's a $75 value and includes 4 weeks of FUN...for FREE! So share the excitement of social dancing with those you love this year and get a gift for yourself in return. Group dance classes include the Country Two Step, Salsa, Country Swing and Jitterbug.

The best part of Black Friday shopping for dance lessons is that you can do it online. Avoid the crowds and hassle that comes from leaving home on this busy shopping day and get what you want for your loved ones and yourself from the comfort of your home this year.

Dance FX Studios is located in the Phoenix East Valley. Neighboring cities include Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale. We are located just off the 101 highway so that you can reach us easily from any part of town. Come make your holidays fun and stress-free with us!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make The Most Of Your Ballroom Dance Lessons With These Tips

Congratulations!! Your first dance lesson has been scheduled, and you are one step closer to shining on the social dance floor!!

Now, you may not be quite sure what your private dance lessons are going to entail. You know that you want to check out a little Country Two Step, some Swing dancing and Salsa too, but what about attire and other aspects of the lesson, beyond the dances? As you count down the days to your first lesson or even prepare for your future lessons once you are officially a student, check out these tips to get the best results out of your lessons and dance experience. 

  • Wear the right shoes. Your shoes are the last thing you want to be thinking about when you are dancing. It is always recommended that you take your lessons in the shoes you plan to wear when you go out social dancing. With that said, you want to make sure that they are not grippy like tennis shoes or boots with rubber soles because this can make it difficult to turn and they are also hard on the knees. Despite their comfort, flip flops are also not a great pick since they can easily slide off your feet. And, ladies, I know you have really cute and sexy heels, but this is the time for your dancing to outshine your shoes! Wear comfortable heels that are 3 inches or lower, preferably with an ankle strap for maximum support. If you are not sure if any of your shoes work, ask your instructor. They will be able to give you some tips and suggestions, so you can enjoy social dancing comfortably.

  • Wear non-restrictive clothing. During your lessons, you are going to learn how to use your body in a whole new way. You want enough looseness in your clothing in order to have freedom of movement, but clothes that are not too baggy to the point that your instructor can't see the lines of your body.  So, go change into some comfortable and relaxed fitting attire, and get your groove on.

  • Be on time. It takes a few minutes to wind down from a long day and switch gears to focus on your lesson, so respect the commitment you made to this new hobby and schedule your lessons at a time that is manageable. You and your instructor need every minute of your lesson time to maximize your learning. Your one hour lesson is also your time to ask questions and schedule your future lessons so you can stay consistent in your progress, so make sure to plan accordingly. Be timely and squeeze every drop of knowledge and fun out of your dance lessons!!
If social dancing is something you've thought about trying out, but just haven't had the chance to get started on, find out more about fun dances like Country Swing, Salsa, Swing and Argentine Tango at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. Our New Student Offer is a great way to preview all of the benefits of social dancing. Give us a call today at 480-968-6177 and discover how simple it is to add dancing to your life!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Why Couples Should Take "Split" Lessons

Split lesson (noun): Taking a lesson by yourself without your partner. You can come in together and have separate dance instructors or just come in individually on you own time.

Why would you come separately to your private Country, Latin or Swing dance lesson when your lessons are a time for the two of you to connect? For some, dance lessons are that once-a-week date night you promised each other away from the kids, work and your busy lives. You get to stare into each other's eyes and enjoy a hobby together finally, right? We all know you deserve it! Dancing of course spices up your romantic life, and there is nothing more exciting than that moment when you nail a big move or dance through an entire song for the first time!! Then why on earth would it be a good idea to take your coveted dance lesson apart from your sweetie? Here are some of many perks of doing a split dance lesson:

  • Receive individual attention to get all of your questions answered! You and your spouse/significant other are both learning, and sometimes it can feel like the blind leading the blind. Or, sometimes your partner seems to get it faster than you, and that can be frustrating too. It's difficult to resolve all of your questions when you have to share the time with another person. That's why you chose private lessons over group lessons in the first place! Do a split lesson. That way, you can both use your hour of dance instruction on actually getting each of your individual questions answered. Keep in mind that every hour you put in, you are investing in a legitimate skill that you two can enjoy together for years to come. So, why not get the best bang for your buck and time by doing a split lesson every now and then for a faster and longer-lasting learning experience?

  • Get helpful tips specific to being a leader or a follower. If you don't know this already, you and your partner have different roles on the social dance floor. The experience and feel is very different from one to the other. That means that you need different instruction, different tools, and different techniques that resonate with you specifically. You will find that it is much easier to see what isn't feeling quite right when you are dancing with your experienced instructors. Also, if you plan on enjoying your dancing with many individuals, it's important to dance with different partners. Your instructor can give you tips that will make you a leader or follower who can dance with anyone!!

  • Enjoy dancing together more!! Once both of you polish your own personal dance skills, now it's time to show off what you learned with each other. It's so much more fun and exciting when you can spend most of your lesson time on actually dancing together with a few tips sprinkled in there, rather than one of you standing around while the other is receiving advice. 
Social partner dancing, from the Country Two Step to Salsa to Swing dancing is a hobby worth investing in. It brings couples together in so many ways, from romance to discovering a deeper means of communicating with each other. While learning to dance, know that split lessons will ultimately enhance your experience with each other on the dance floor. You will become better for each other as dancers if you individually work out your own personal kinks.

Enjoy social dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! We can show you all of the popular social dance styles from Line Dancing to Argentine Tango, all under one roof! Check out our Newcomer's Offer for couples or singles if you want to have a blast investing in a hobby that will enhance your life on so many levels. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor with us at Dance FX Studios!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What You Should Know About Argentine Tango

Do you like a challenge? Would it be cool to be envied by all of your buddies while the ladies are lining up for you? Could your relationship use a boost? Then learning to dance the Argentine Tango may be just what the doctor ordered. It's hard to imagine that discovering a dance could be life-changing, but take it from me, it can be! Let's explore…

1. Tango is a challenge. While there are certainly many ways to challenge yourself, from athletics to crossword puzzles,  Tango dancing is all encompassing. The mind-body connection that comes from learning to dance Argentine Tango is like no other. Think of how it would feel to do a crossword puzzle WHILE (insert your favorite sport here). This can be quite intimidating! And to make matters worse, the sky's the limit with the amount of creativity you can add to your Tango dancing once you know the rules. It's literally the coolest thing ever to know! You see, Argentine Tango is based on walking. So, once you know how to do that with the proper technique, and on time with the music, then you have the exciting (daunting) task of knowing your options, plus what options you can provide for your dance partner. Then once you understand your options, you must execute them with precision and grace. No problem, right!? As I mentioned, if you're looking to merge the brain and the body into a fun and exciting, not to mention extremely rewarding, challenge, then Tango dancing is for you!

2. The payoff. You may be wondering at this point, "How exactly is learning to dance Tango rewarding?". Simple. With any great challenge comes rewards. First, women love a guy that is passionate and willing to work for something great-especially when that something great includes dancing. Yep, we slip right back into that Cinderella story when we picture our Prince Charming coming by and whisking us off the dance floor into a carriage as we ride off into the sunset kissing. It's all part of the love story that we all have dreamed about at one point or another. Second, women aside, knowing how to Tango is a massive confidence booster for men. It's like climbing Mount Everest or being one of the few who can solve the Rubics Cube. It's pretty darn special to know how to Tango! So few can do it well and the feeling that you get once you have it is irreplaceable.

3. Want to spice things up? Then grab your honey and take some Tango lessons together! Not only will you get to hold each other close as you learn, but you will develop a more intimate connection and means of communication between each other through your Tango journey. When times get tough, put on some Tango music and dance. You'll find yourselves falling into a trace-like state, one that will surely remove those negative feelings as you remind yourself that "It's all good!".

Knowing how to dance Argentine Tango is a gift, one that we at Dance FX Studios would love to share with you! If you live in the Phoenix East Valley, come visit us for a Newcomer's Special Offer and experience the beauty of the Argentine Tango for yourself. It's a dance with benefits abound that will keep you wanting more and more...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Improve the Quality of Your Life With Ballroom Dance Lessons

If you could do anything (I mean ANYTHING), what would you like to do as a hobby?

Now, are you that person who is ready to give me a whole list of things that you'd love to learn, or are you returning a blank stare to me through your computer screen? No matter how old you are, time certainly slips by quickly, so why put off that dream of yours to learn to dance? 

If you can't remember the last time you invested in yourself or in your relationship with your sweetheart or spouse, then social ballroom dancing is for you! Self-improvement and enhancing the quality of your most intimate relationship is what learning to dance can give you. In just a few short months, you can have a skill that will boost your confidence, add more romance and even provide stress relief for you individually and as a couple. Think about how nice it would be to set aside an hour or two a week to get away from the kids and do something romantic as a couple. That is a great thing! Who knew that taking Salsa dance lessons or learning to dance the Country Two Step could give you these benefits and more? We did! 

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we customize all of your private dance lessons around your needs. From adding more "adult" time together, to building up your confidence so that you can lead or follow anyone on any dance floor, we will give you the tools to dance comfortably anywhere. Within each lesson, our focus will not just be on dance moves and techniques, but also on the perks that social dancing has to offer. You may not know this, but learning to Swing dance or even dance Argentine Tango also aids in a better memory as well as improved balance and coordination. These physical benefits aid in the prevention dementia and other physical deteriorations as you age. Practicing your dancing will also help with muscle memory-giving you a wonderful hobby that can last a lifetime. 

As you can now see, social ballroom dancing offers so much more than one may first realize. Besides the physical and mental rewards, you can open up your social life by learning to dance. With new friends who share the same interest, you can have a healthy activity that can be used anywhere from Country bars to Latin clubs and all other social gatherings including weddings and holiday parties. 

Now's the time to spice up your life through dance! Whether you want to give Country dancing a try or you want to explore sexy Latin dances like Bachata and Cha Cha, any style of dance that you learn is a great investment in you. For Phoenix East Valley residents, come visit us at Dance FX Studios. Our Newcomer's Offer is a fun way to check out how dancing can benefit you! For more information or to set up an introductory lesson, give us a call at 480-968-6177 today. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Arizona Wedding Dance Advice

Your wedding day is just months away. Have you planned what you want to look like during your first dance yet? If not, now's the time to begin! Arizona brides and grooms, no worries! We've got you covered for wedding dance lessons here at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley.  (If you don't live in the East Valley, hop on the freeway to visit us. We can assure you that the drive will be worth it! :)) To save you some travel time, and to get the ball rolling for your wedding dance, let us share some key tips with you. Here are some common questions that we get and how we reply to them to help you out:

1.  How soon should we get started on our wedding dance routine? Our reply: How smooth and natural do you want to look in front of your friends and family? If you want to appear relaxed, we recommend that you come in for a Wedding Dance Consultation and begin your dance lessons at least 3 months prior to your wedding. Dance FX Studios' Wedding Dance Consultation is just $20. In our hour-long meeting, we will help you choose the perfect song(s) as well as pin down exactly what your vision is for your first dance. Do you want to WOW your guests with a Swing dance or go for a more understated look with a slow Ballroom dance? Either way, we will customize your perfect dance just for you. No two routines are ever the same here at Dance FX Studios. Your Wedding Dance Consultation will also include a mini dance lesson so that you can get a taste of what we have to offer you. What you can expect is a fun lesson with lots of great tips on how you can really shine on your wedding day dance.

2. How often should we come in for our dance lessons leading up to the wedding? Assuming that you have no prior ballroom dance experience, we recommend that you try and come in for at least two lessons per week. Keep in mind that you must learn to dance BEFORE you can learn a choreographed wedding routine. Even on a basic level, dancing is an exciting and fun hobby for couples, but it does take a few lessons to begin feeling comfortable. If you can do more than two lessons per week, excellent! If not, we can always schedule you for a two hour lesson to save drive time. The key to learning to dance in general, on top of learning a wedding dance routine, is repetition. Your muscles will need enough time doing the same thing over and over again to make what you are learning really stick.

3. What is the cost for a wedding dance package? Great question! Wedding dance lessons at Dance FX Studios can start as low as $59 per lesson and go up from there, depending on several factors. One of those factors being your vision. The more elaborate that you would like your routine to be, the more time that you will need to learn the dance or dances. For example, a Salsa dance or Argentine Tango routine may take more time than learning to Country Two Step or slow dance. Or, if you want multiple songs fused together, you may be incorporating several different dance styles for each song. This will also take additional time and choreography, which is different from learning basic steps that are not in a set order. We will go over these factors and more during your consultation to determine what is right for you. By the end of your consultation, we will know exactly what you will need to get to your dancing goals. We will quote you at that time so that you can begin making the most out of your time leading up to the wedding.

If you're ready to begin your journey into learning to dance for your wedding, and you live in Arizona, give us a call at 480-968-6177. We are just off the 101 highway, and minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale. With many years of experience under our belts, we would love to give you the one-of-a-kind dance that you have dreamed of for your wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why He May Not Ask You To Dance

“I love dancing, but my boyfriend just watches on the sidelines.” “I go out dancing with my girlfriends because my husband won’t get out on the dance floor.” “It’s so much fun! Why won’t he dance with me???”

The truth is, he would love to dance with you. In fact, he would kill to be that guy who knows all the cool moves and shows you a great time out Country Two Stepping, Salsa or Swing dancing.

Then why won’t he…?

See, in the social dance scene, guys have a different role than ladies on the dance floor. In order to dance together as partners, he is the leader (= the brain) and the lady is the follower (= heart). He makes all the decisions on the dance floor, so that we can relax and have a good time. A lot of guys make it look easy, but, in their minds, they are thinking about things like…What style of dance do I do to this music? What is the mood? Is it fast and sexy or slow and sensual? What can I do next? A turn? Switch directions? A dramatic pause? Gosh, it’s so crowded!!

It’s a lot of pressure for the men out there. However, it’s not impossible. And, yes, it is a lot of fun, especially when you get to share it with someone special. Guys simply need some preparation time before they can join in the excitement of dance with you.

Here’s what your guy needs:

1.     The courage to give it a try. Ladies, be supportive and patient with your man. Score major points by getting him some private dance lessons. That way, he can get great dance tips BEFORE going out into a social dance situation. Remember: No guy likes to be embarrassed.
2.     Different styles of dances and their steps. As leaders, men need an arsenal of moves to choose from to impress their partners and keep them wanting to come back for more. The last thing you want your guy to be is a "one trick pony". With private Country, Latin and Swing dance lessons, your guy can be versatile and fun to dance with every time!

3.     Know how to identify music genres and styles. Guys need to KNOW what they are doing before they can do it with confidence. Being able to identify the music and what dance accompanies it is key. Once again, proper social ballroom dance lessons will give him that important information and more.

Don’t know where to get started? If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, check out Dance FX Studios in Mesa for completely customized private dance lessons. Your guy will be up and ready to hit that dance floor in no time! Our fun-filled group dance lessons are another way to pick up some cool moves before hitting the Latin clubs or Country bars. Both singles and couples are welcome, and no experience is necessary to begin learning at Dance FX Studios! Whether it’s Salsa or Country Western dancing, our instructors will break down all the cool moves you see out in the bars and clubs, and prepare you for any crowded dance floor.  Give us a call at 480-968-6177 today and let us help you to discover which dances are perfect to spice up your social life.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Women Want From Men On The Dance Floor

Country Two Step, Swing, Salsa or Argentine Tango...you name the dance. Regardless of the style, guys, women generally want the same thing from the men with whom they are dancing. "To be swept off of their feet?", you may be wondering. Sometimes. But on the whole, there are a few key things that a guy can do to practically guarantee that she will be lining back up to dance with you again. And how nice would that be to KNOW what those missing pieces of the puzzle are so that you can strut your stuff and have her coming back for more.  Let's explore...

1. Smell the part. Yes gentlemen, if you really want a second dance from the hot girl at the bar, please shower and put on just the right amount of cologne to let her know that you take care of yourself. While we all sweat from time to time, especially while dancing in the summer heat here in Arizona, there are ways to keep yourself clean and smelling good on the dance floor. A thoughtful idea is to bring a towel to wipe your brow in between dances. You can even bring a second shirt to change into in a small bag if you really get drenched while dancing it up. We ladies love to dance with you guys that aren't afraid to "shake it" and have a blast, but remember to be courteous of her so that she doesn't leave you looking like she just stepped out of the rain.

2. Put her first. Think about it, what woman wants to be upstaged by a guy on the dance floor? Men, she is the picture, you are the frame. In other words, make the dance about her-let her shine. Throw in some fun turns in that  Country Two Step or Swing dance that will put a smile on her face and watch her ask YOU for another dance. It's almost a sure thing. The key to her wanting more comes from putting her first. On that note, it is also key that you are aware of her level of dance. The last thing you want to do is to attempt a flashy move that she cannot follow. How embarrassing! Take it slow, see where she's at in her dancing abilities, and then cater to her. She'll love you for it!

3. Take dance lessons first. There is nothing worse than dancing with someone who is tossing you around like a hot potato. Guys, learn to be gentlemen on the dance floor with some formal training. What you will gain from social dance lessons is the ability to lead with finesse and style. You will also discover how to dance on time with music and pick up some cool moves that feel great to her when she is dancing with you. Sounds great, right?

If you're ready to get off of the sidelines and start participating in the fun of social dancing, contact us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We will give you all of the tools that you need to shine on any social dance floor. From Country bars to Latin clubs to holiday parties and those upcoming weddings, we will empower you to dance with confidence. Get started with our New Student Offer so that you can see how we teach for yourself. You're sure to have a blast, so what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Loosen Up With Social Dance Lessons!

With school back in session and holiday season coming up, stress and tension abounds! From figuring out Halloween costumes to organizing Thanksgiving dinners to early present shopping, there is quite a bit to stress about. So how do you plan on relaxing through the multitude of holidays? At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we plan on dancing!

It's not too late for you to also join in the fun! Breeze through this holiday season with ease and holiday cheer and discover a new hobby through social dancing. It's as easy as 1-2-3! See what we mean...

1. Give us a call at 480-968-6177 to take advantage of our New Student Offer: Two 30-minute private dance lessons for just $25! This great introductory offer is for you or for you and a guest, should you decide to come in as a couple. Both singles and couples are always welcome and experience is never required to get started with dance lessons at Dance FX Studios. In your New Student Offer, you will explore the basics of cool and popular styles of social partner dancing including Salsa, Swing, and the ever-popular Country Two Step. You will also learn some useful social dancing tips that will set you up for success at those upcoming holiday parties.

2. Come check out one of our dance parties as part of a date night or with friends. At our upcoming Halloween "Boo Bash" next Saturday night on October 18th, for example, you will have a chance to let loose, meet new people and learn to dance in a beginner dance class! What a fun way to spend an evening!

3. Sign up for one of our 4- Week Group Dance Classes. You can learn to Jitterbug Swing dance, Two Step, Salsa and Country Swing in our 4-week dance classes for couples. Grab a buddy or come with your sweetie and enjoy 4 classes of fun! Dance FX Studios' 4-week dance classes are held just once a week, during the weekdays, so your weekend holiday plans will never be compromised while learning to dance! How cool is that!?

See for yourself how, when you're dancing, nothing else matters! Relax, unwind and re-boot in between planning for those holiday parties and getaways and learn to social dance with us at Dance FX Studios. We are located on the southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe Rds in Mesa on the border of Tempe and Chandler, AZ. Give us a call to get in on the action today! We'll see YOU on the dance floor!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dance Floor Defense: A Woman's Guide

Hey ladies! We already know that the dance floor is a fun, exciting place to be. If you've taken a few private country dancing lessons or a couple group dance classes, you probably even have some sweet moves under your belt. But how do you guarantee yourself a fun, safe time? Aside from a proper knowledge of your favorite dances, every woman should know her dance floor defense. In other words, you need to know how to accept/reject dances and deal with others on the floor. Most social dancing is still at bars, after all, so it's good to have a game plan for dealing with those who are a little more inebriated than you're comfortable with.

Accepting and rejecting dances

When you're first venturing into the world of social dance, the best way to practice is by getting out on the dance floor! Those swing dancing lessons will only get you so far if you never take them out of the studio. 

The biggest rookie mistake I see? Never knowing when to say no. For the most part, you want to accept dance invitations that are offered to you. After all, you need to practice with multiple leaders to really work on your follow. But there is definitely a time to turn down a dance, so don't be afraid to! There is such a thing as exhaustion - if you need a water break, take one! If you need to turn a guy down to take your break, just be sure to find him later and make up for it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are never required to dance with anyone. If you danced with him already and felt unsafe with his lead, feel free to say no thanks! If he seems too intoxicated to dance safely, no thank you. If he's been harassing you or your friends, beat it. The dance floor should always be safe, and you have every right to guarantee that for yourself. Most guys are very accepting if you turn down their invitation politely. After all, there are plenty of other ladies for them to dance with!

(Note: If a guy doesn't accept your rejection or really hassles you about it, don't be afraid to notify security. The majority of dancers are friendly, polite, and understanding... but occasionally you may run into a bad egg. Call him out so he can't harass you or others.)

Mid-dance tactics

A touchy subject for a lot of newer dancers is proximity. Especially if you're checking out the Latin dancing scene, a few of the dances are intended to be danced closely. In no way does it mean that it is required, but it does mean that some men might get into your personal space without your permission. 90% of the time they mean nothing by it, but it doesn't mean you have to be okay with it. So how do you cope when a guy gets too close? 

Strong arm him.

This all comes down to your frame. If you've been to a social dance studio like Dance FX Studios for private dance lessons, you'll have learned how to properly hold your arms and body to dance with a partner. Where is your left hand? On your dance partner's right shoulder. This gives you the perfect leverage to keep your distance when you want it. If he manages to sneak in anyway, don't be afraid to really get your arm in there. I'm talking get your hand on his chest and push. Some guys really don't get the hint, and if you're uncomfortable, there's no shame in it! Don't worry about being rude - he was rude by assuming his closeness was welcome. Luckily, most guys will get the hint long before if gets to that point.

*There's also no shame in avoiding close dances if you know you'll be uncomfortable. Or, make a point to only dance them with people you are comfortable with.

After the first dance

Occasionally you'll have dancers who want to continue dancing with you after your first dance. If the song easily transitions from one Country Two Step dance to another, he may just keep dancing. If you want to continue your dance, go for it! If you've had enough, stop moving and thank him for the dance. This lets him know you enjoyed your time, but you're ready for a break or your next partner. It's generally considered rude for a man to monopolize a woman on the dance floor unless they came together or are specifically dance partners. In other words, feel free to give him a few dances, but try to break them up or stick with 3 in a row as a maximum. That way you can both enjoy each other's company while giving other people a chance to dance!

Need more pointers for the dance floor? Check out Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for all your social dancing needs. Our instructors are here to prepare you for real world dancing, whether you want to Salsa, Swing, or anything in between! Join us just off the 60 and the 101 for completely personalized private dance lessons or for our super fun group dance classes. After some time with us, you'll be ready to put your dance floor defense to work! (Although, hopefully you won't need to!)

Friday, September 19, 2014

How Long Does it Take to Prepare the Perfect First Wedding Dance?

I would venture to say that 80% of couples that want a beautiful first dance have no idea how much time they should dedicate to learning their first dance. How do I know? Because as a wedding dance coordinator at Dance FX Studios, I get asked that question a lot. This is a tricky question to answer because it really varies from couple to couple. There are a few basic guidelines that I recommend for each bride and groom, but there are definitely variables that come into consideration when mapping out your wedding dance lessons.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest starting your wedding dance preparations around 6-9 months before your wedding day. This time frame can really allow you to invest enough focus and time on your dance while still letting you get all your other planning done. The last thing you want to do is stress about learning your first wedding dance while frantically piecing together the last minute elements of your day. In fact, your first wedding dance should be the least stressful part of your day, as far as we're concerned!

A few other things to consider when you're planning out time for your first dance:

Are you looking for something simple and sweet, or do you want to rock the house with a crazy choreographed routine?

Simpler dances can still take a while if you want it to look natural and smooth, but you definitely need to be prepared for a good chunk of time if you want a showy number. Those viral video wedding dances are awesome, but they can only get that way with some solid practice time with a trained professional.

How many songs do you want to dance to?

The more songs you want, the more time you'll need. This is especially true if you're looking to dance multiple styles of dance. Most songs require different styles of dance, like Country Two Step or Swing dance, so you'll need enough time to learn each dance.

Say you don't have 6 to 9 months to prepare. Can you still have an amazingly beautiful first dance?

Of course! A good wedding dance coordinator should be able to adjust the level of difficulty to the amount of time you have to dedicate. At Dance FX Studios, we have packages as small as 5 hours (for those wedding couples who only have a few days to prepare) and go from there. Whether you have a week or a year, we can work with your schedule to make the perfect dance happen.

Need more answers? If you live in the greater Phoenix area, come join us for a wedding dance consultation! You can meet with one of our incredible instructors who will guide you through the planning process. We help with everything from picking music to making sure the dance you're dreaming of is possible in your dress (bring pictures!). We can even help prepare you for the rest of the night with private social dance lessons. Make your wedding day perfect with a first wedding dance made just for you and then dance the night away!

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Ask A Girl to Dance on a Social Floor

Going out to social partner dance isn't quite like going to your average club. Because there is actual skill required for partner dancing, there is a little more etiquette that goes into it. Now, I'm not saying if you want to go Two Stepping that you need to memorize a handbook of rules. I'm just saying that there are certain simple guidelines that can help! If you're new to the dancing scene here in Arizona, or just want to brush up on your manners, the pros at Dance FX Studios have put together a little list of tips for asking a pretty lady to dance. Whether you're exploring Swing Dance or going to a Latin Dance club, the rules are pretty universal.

Picking your partner

How can you tell if a woman wants to dance? Check out her surroundings. Is she far away from the dance floor, having a drink, and fully engrossed a conversation? Probably not a good time to ask her to dance. Is she near the edge of the floor, hands free, and maybe even looking around a little? She's literally looking for a dance partner! For the most part, ladies that want to dance will make themselves accessible. They will stand near the floor where they can be easily seen and asked by other dancers.

Eye contact

If you are trying your hand at Argentine Tango, this is critical... After you choose who you want to dance with, make eye contact with her. This gives you a general idea of if she wants to dance with you without having to even ask. In a milonga (tango social), if the woman quickly looks away from you when you look at her, don't even ask. This is her polite way of declining a dance from a distance. If she maintains eye contact, you've got the green light! She has given you her permission to approach and invite her onto the floor.

Other social dance styles aren't quite as formal when it comes to this, but it's a good thing to keep in mind. If a girl is going out of her way to avoid eye contact as you make your way over, she's trying to show you she isn't interested without have to flat out say it. Take the hint and move on - there are plenty of other ladies to dance with! If she makes a point to maintain eye contact, she'll probably say yes. Go get her!

Asking her to dance

Emphasis on ask. Don't just say "Dance." Don't just grab her and drag her on the floor. I can assure you she would prefer a proper invitation to the floor. A sweet and simple, "Would you like to dance?" is just what she'd like to hear. If you feel it's too loud and don't want to yell, you can also extend your hand to her as a gesture. Again, not a grab, but an invitation.

Handling rejection

Now, even if a potential partner has given you every hint that she wants to dance, she may not actually be interested. Don't insist that she dance with you anyway or question why - she doesn't need a reason to want to sit out a dance. (Not to worry, it normally doesn't have to do with you. She could be tired, thirsty, in pain, or simply isn't feeling the song. Feel free to try again later!)

The number one rule when asking a girl to dance? Know the dance! If you're in the greater Phoenix area, join us at Dance FX Studios to hone your dancing skills. We offer super fun private dance lessons in everything from Country Dance to Ballroom - and everything in between. We are conveniently located off the 101 and the 60, near Tempe and Chandler, just minutes away from Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert. Let's get some skills under your belt so the ladies start asking you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dance Lessons - Better Than Counseling

Being a dance instructor is honestly one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. I'm not even exaggerating. At Dance FX Studios, we help people grow both in dance and in themselves. Don't believe me? Here's a post I read today that another instructor friend* wrote:

"Best private lesson ever! I had a couple I hadn't seen in 2 years ask me yesterday out of the blue for a private. After an hour of Bachata they decided this was a better investment than their marriage counseling! You can learn a lot about how to treat your partner if you pay attention ;) All 3 of us left happy."

*The instructor's identity is being kept anonymous for privacy purposes.

The best part about that story is that it is nowhere near the first time this has happened. I think every instructor I know has at least one (usually many more) stories of marriages that have been helped by dance lessons. Although it isn't as mainstream as counseling, private ballroom or social dance lessons have a reputation for bringing people together. Even one of the couples on "Married at First Sight" decided to give dance lessons a try!

No matter what style you decide to go for, be it Country Dancing or Swing Dancing, you can expect to grow closer in your relationship. Any type of partner dance requires an incredible amount of trust and respect for your partner. If this is missing in your day-to-day life, private dance lessons allow you to slowly build that with each lesson. This is especially true if you venture into a dance studio that focuses on true lead and follow, like Dance FX Studios. By focusing on the communication aspect of dance, instead of just learning routines, you learn to truly listen to one another!

Dance lessons are also great for bonding because you are working together to reach a goal. That is the definition of partnership... and marriage. By coming together to learn a new skill, you can support one another while working and growing together. Not only do you come out with a fun new hobby, but you come out with a renewed sense of respect for your partner's hard work. Learning to dance is a challenge, but it's a worthwhile challenge, no doubt.

Last but not least, dancing together is known to spark chemistry back into a romance that may have faded. There are a few sensual dances, such as Bachata and Argentine Tango, that are known for bringing a little fire back in your eyes. There's nothing quite like a man really taking charge on the dance floor, while allowing the woman to feel sexy, feminine, and graceful. If the passion has waned, these dances definitely bring some spark.

We love helping people grow together. Not only have we helped couples reconnect, but we've helped newer couples grow in their young love. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or just getting started in the world of dance, partner dancing is an incredible tool to have in your back pocket. Join us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for a little dance therapy. We're located just minutes away from Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert, ready to bring love back into your lives! Call us at 480-968-6177 and set up your introductory lesson today. Let's share the love!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pro Tips: Breaking in New Dance Shoes

Whether you're hoping to rock a killer pair of heels for your wedding or you decided to invest in some new dance shoes for your Argentine Tango lessons, shoes can be a nightmare to break in. Proper shoes can make or break a dance, so at Dance FX Studios, we recommend breaking them in (especially wedding shoes) long before you actually need them.

**Note: If you're into Country dance or taking Swing dance lessons, you're probably not going to need to break in strappy heels. However, I suggest practicing in your favorite pair of cowboy boots or going out shoes! Even if you don't need to break in a new pair of shoes, your legs and feet will want to get accustomed to dancing in them :)

Here are some helpful hints for these rough times ahead. Power through, though! A real pair of dance Latin dance shoes will make your Salsa dancing that much easier, I promise!

Vaseline and olive oil

One of the biggest problems new shoes brings are blisters. If you have a pair of strappy heels, rub a little olive oil along the inner lining of the straps before you put them on. This can lesson the friction between the shoe and the delicate skin on the top of your foot. Another option is to apply some vaseline on any part of your foot that will rub against the shoe - under the straps or on the back of your heels. The same concept applies! It won't solve all problems, but it will keep the blisters at bay while the shoes stretch out.

Socks and blow dryers

If your shoes are a little too tight, grab your thickest pair of socks. Wear your thick socks under your shoes and take a blow dryer to them. The heat from the hair dryer can help stretch out difficult shoes.

Ice packs

Here's another nifty way to stretch out a pair of too-tight shoes. Fill two ziplock bags with water and place them in your shoes. Pop them in the freezer over night, and the water expansion will gradually loosen your shoes. Big help!

Liquid bandage and blister covers

If your shoes are still giving you trouble and you get a blister, help the blister heal with some liquid bandaid or a blister cover. No matter how much you break in your shoes, sometimes you just need to break in your feet. They will eventually callous over, causing your feet to be UNSTOPPABLE. Seriously, if you get callouses, no shoe will phase you.

Dance FX Studios has a full time staff of instructors helping people grow through private social dance lessons and group dance classes, so we know a thing or two about dance shoes. But, if you have a shoe tip that we missed, let us know in the comments! If you're in the greater Phoenix area and want to rock your first dance on your wedding day, or just want to get comfortable and confident on the dance floor, come by and see us! We offer Two Step, Tango, and everything in between. Located just off the 60 and the 101, we are easy to access from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Grab your new shoes and let's get dancing!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to Basics - The Importance of a Solid Foundation in Dance

When given the option between learning the basics and learning cool tricks, which sounds more fun? Tricks, of course! Just like kids want to be on a bike before the tricycle, and toddlers try to run before they can successfully walk, new dancers are usually a little over eager to get into complicated moves. Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement and gung-ho attitude, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and remind ourselves: awesomeness needs a solid foundation. Ask any basketball player if they picked up a basketball and immediately started doing slam dunks. My guess? Probably not. They spent time learning to dribble, pass, and doing free throws before they attempted a layup. Just like learning any new skill, we need to build a solid foundation to create a successful future. Whether you want to learn Tango or Two Step, here are the basics of every partner social dance that you need to have down before you can get to the super cool stuff.


Social partner dance is all about true lead and follow. This means that the man and woman have to communicate with one another without using their words. It's a lot harder than it sounds!! Leading and following uses an entirely physical language consisting of pressure and elastic tension. This allows the man to completely guide and shape the woman's movements as long as he is communicating efficiently and she is "listening." This is a crucial part of dance that has to be built early so that the more advanced moves can go smoothly. If you're still struggling to walk in a straight line together, with the man leading each step, the tricky moves will be that much trickier. 

Pro tip: Always go back to connection and communication exercises, even after you've been dancing for a while. Sometimes we can get used to our partners and build bad habits of assuming and second guessing instead of listening

Foundation steps

Consider the foundations like the alphabet of our dance language. These steps can seem basic - well, maybe not when you're first learning them - but they are the foundation of everything to come after. The basics give you your general rhythm and the shape of your dance. Even if you're dying to spin a girl 12 times, you have to learn how to properly spin her once first! By drilling in the basics, you can get comfortable enough in the dance to play with it and learn new moves much quicker.

Pro tip: Learning to Salsa dance? The crossbody lead is your new best friend. Seriously. You hate it now, but it's your best friend.


FRAME FRAME FRAME!!! I can not state enough how important frame is to successful partner dancing. The frame is literally your only source of communication between one another, so instructors (at least at Dance FX Studios) tend to really harp on it. When it is first learned, frame tends to be a little stiff. It is allowed to soften over time, but only if you maintain the structure and stability that frame is supposed to provide. Don't be surprised if you get frame adjustments even after years of dancing. Even the best dancers can get lazy sometimes, so we have to keep an eye on it.

Pro tip: Posture makes a big difference in a proper frame. You may think you're standing up perfectly, but pay attention if your instructor tells you otherwise.

There are plenty more to work on when learning to dance, but these are the biggest things you'll work on when you first start out. In all likelihood, you'll be working on all of these skills for longer than you think. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you won't learn other stuff, too! There's just always room for improvement. If you're looking to grow in dance and live near Mesa, Arizona, join us at Dance FX Studios. After 13 years serving the Valley, we still have incredible instructors offering private dance lessons to bring you from basic to incredible! Our goal is to get you comfortable and smooth on the dance floor, in whatever style of dance you like. Want to get started, but want to get your feet wet first? Our September group classes are starting next week, so you can get a feel for the studio with other dancers of all levels! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Swing, Swing, Swing! All About Swing Dancing in Arizona!

When someone says the words, "Swing Dance," what pops in your head? Do you imagine a world in black and white, full of suspenders, zoot suits, and fedoras? Or do you picture a more modern world with cowboy boots and jeans? Both are completely valid images, because there are actually many types of Swing dance! At Dance FX Studios, we teach a few of the different types of swing dance. Not sure which one you're looking to learn? Here's a simple break down of each type we offer so you can have a better idea of what you might be interested in:

Jitterbug Swing

Jitterbug is a super fun dance to get started out with! Comprised most of marching or traveling steps and rock steps, Jitterbug is known for its cool rubber band action and bouncing steps. Dancers are continuously switching places with one another and rocking away from each other, while throwing in fun twists and turns. The rhythm is generally slow-slow-quick-quick. Because of the limited steps and the fact that it doesn't travel, Jitterbug is danced to fast tempo music. This is what keeps the dance exciting without tons of extra footwork. It's the perfect dance to learn if you're looking to get introduced to the world of Swing dancing. (*Fun fact! Jitterbug, although intended for Swing music, can be danced to practically anything if it's fast enough. It's sometimes referred to as Rock and Roll dance!)

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is a little more of a challenge than Jitterbug. The shape of the dance is generally the same, as you keep the rubber band action and switch places with one another. The difference comes in the timing. East Coast Swing is danced with triple steps, meaning you take 3 steps in 2 beats of music. The rhythm is tri-ple-step-tri-ple-step-rock-step. Although a lot of the same moves from Jitterbug can transfer over from Jitterbug, the trickiest part comes with the bounce. Instead of bouncing with each step, you bounce with the beat. So, your bounces are on time, while your footwork is syncopated. Because of the extra footwork, East Coast Swing is usually danced to slower music. Think Big Band and crooners when looking for the perfect practice music!

Country Swing

Country Swing is the newest of these Swing dances, or at least it is the newest to be recognized. Country Swing dancing is very closely related to Jitterbug, maintaining the same timing of slow-slow-quick-quick. The moves are generally the same, but the styling is quite different. Cut out the bounces, add in a little more glide from some cowboy boots, and you've got Country Swing! A lot of Country music is too fast for Arizona Two-Step, so Swing is the best option. Country Swing is also a great space saver for those packed bars, so it's a good one to keep in your back pocket if you want to be a Country dancing machine.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is one of the coolest Swing dances out there and by far one of the hardest. Although it maintains the idea of generally staying in one dance space on the floor, the shape is completely different. Dancers stay on a slot in order to keep the floor spacious and safe for everyone. The general rhythm is walk-walk-tri-ple-step-tri-ple-step, although this rhythm varies throughout the dance. West Coast Swing also maintains a type of rubber band action, like all Swing dances, but it looks and feels quite different from the others. West Coast can be danced to a variety of music, from R&B to Country to 80's pop. All it requires is a solid beat and some funk to play with!

No matter what style you want to rock, we can help you jump, jive, and wail! Dance FX Studios has been around for 13 years now to get people out on the dance floor through private dance lessons and fun group classes. Even if swing isn't your thing, we offer everything else from Country dance, to Latin dance, to Tango. If you live in the greater Phoenix area, check out our studio in Mesa just off the 60 and the 101. We're a hop, skip, and a jump away from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, so call and set up an introductory lesson today. Just remember... It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

P.S. Want to check out some Swing Dancing in person? We're having a Swing Dance Party September 6 from 8-11PM with live music by Come Back Buddy! Only $15 ahead of time or $20 at the door, join us for a Swing dance lesson, refreshments, awesome music, and lots of dancing! Not only will there be plenty of students and other dancers, but there will be instructors available to ask questions or steal a dance. Newcomers welcome!