Monday, April 28, 2014

Social Ballroom Dance Lessons for Singles in Arizona

Hey all you pretty, single people! Is it a safe guess that you haven't learned partner dancing yet because you don't have a partner? Have you been missing out on the fun of learning to dance Swing, Salsa or the Country Two Step? Well here's a little tip - you don't need a partner to learn to dance! I know it sounds counterintuitive, but whether you want to Salsa, Swing, or Two-Step, there are actually a lot of benefits to taking private dance lessons sans partner. Let's take a look:

The best way to learn social ballroom dancing is through private dance lessons. When you come in on your own, you actually get to spend the entirety of your training dancing with a professional instructor. With a partner, there's a bit of a "blind leading the blind" aspect at times. It can be a great bonding experience with a loved one, but if you're looking for results, one-on-one time is the way to go. You don't have to worry about anyone's progress but your own!

Once you do get started with private Salsa or Swing dance lessons, the best way to practice is by going out dancing. If you don't have a go-to dance partner, you're sort of forced to meet new people and new dance partners. It's a fantastic way of connecting with other dancers and forming great friendships along the way. If things go really well, you might even meet someone you like enough to bring to your lessons down the road. ;)

Don't get me wrong, dancing with a regular partner is great. You can build a solid, comfortable connection with a friend or significant other in a super fun environment. But that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't learn without one. Social partner dancing is for everyone, no matter your walk of life!

If you're in the greater Phoenix area and want to give social ballroom dancing a shot, come join us at Dance FX Studios for private dance lessons or our group dance classes. We are located just off of the 60 and the 101, minutes away from Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler, Arizona. We specialize in everything from Country dancing to Argentine Tango, so you're bound to find a dance that you love! Visit our website or give us a call at 480.968.6177 to learn more.Also, swing by our Swing Dance Party on May 10, 2014 with live music by Come Back Buddy - It'll be a night to remember!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Various Styles of Swing Dancing

Social Swing dancing is a great way to get off the couch, experience new things and enjoy yourself. With so many different styles of Swing dancing, you can take your skills to a wide variety of social dance settings from night clubs to cruises to weddings. 

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we have been teaching couples and singles to Swing dance for over a decade! We have an excellent staff of instructors that are capable and excited to get you ready to Swing dance anywhere. We focus on social dance skills, meaning that not only will you learn the steps and combinations of Swing dancing, you will also learn how to navigate a busy dance floor, make a connection with your dance partner and so much more. 

Dances that fit into the Swing dance category include the Lindy Hop, Charleston, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Jive, Shag and many others. Let’s discuss some of the key characteristics of these Swing varieties to help identify them.

One type of Swing dancing is the Charleston. There are many different styles of the Charleston that are distinguished by the era they were born into. The Charleston from the 1920s is different than that of the 1930s. In the 1920s, this branch of Swing was associated with flapper dancers. One key feature of the Charleston, apart from other Swing dances, is the swaying arms and quick foot movements that the dancers utilize to stylize the dance.

You may recognize the Lindy Hop by its basic move, the swingout. The swingout involves one partner pulling the other into a closed position from an open position. The Lindy Hop is actually a variation of the Charleston, so the two dances are very similar. Just as the Lindy Hop is a the result of an evolution of the Charleston, the Lindy Hop helped to inspire the East Coast Swing, Balboa, Shag and Boogie Woogie.

Another dance associated with the Lindy Hop is the West Coast Swing. This form of Swing dancing is distinguished by having an elastic feel to it and was established in California. Dancers in West Coast Swing use an extension and compression partnership, which gives that elastic appearance. Additionally, West Coast Swing is more linear and slower than other Swing dances.

East Coast Swing is yet another variation of Swing dancing, which also evolved from the Lindy Hop. To distinguish itself from the other forms of Swing dancing, especially the West Coast Swing from California, East Coast Swing was appropriately named. The East Coast Swing is known for having more bounce and pep to it that other forms of Swing dance. It is also a more standardized type of Swing, as it was originally developed for instructional purposes.

No matter what type of Swing dancing you would like to learn, you are going to have a blast with private Swing dance lessons at Dance FX Studios! Because of its variety and versatility, Swing dancing is a great dance to learn for any occasion. To start your Swing dance lessons today, give us a call to set up an introductory offer for just $40. At Dance FX Studios, we offer Country Swing, Jitterbug, West Coast Swing, and more. With our $40 introductory offer, you can “test drive” the basics of Swing dancing and start your journey on the road to becoming a confident and proficient Swing dancer. Dance FX Studios has private Swing dance lessons and group Swing dance classes for your enjoyment. Call or sign up today, you will be glad you did!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Learn a Unique First Wedding Dance in Phoenix

Thanks to the overwhelming presence of the media and gadgets with Wi-Fi virtually everywhere, pop culture and social trends are changing and spreading faster than ever. Still trending is the so called “surprise first dance”. They have been done many, many different ways and they always reflect the personalities and partnership of the bride and groom (and bridal parties, too!). More importantly, they are impressive and look like fun! With over a decade of experience choreographing and teaching first dance lessons to couples from all over Arizona, Dance FX Studios in Mesa has the experience to give you a one-of-a-kind dance of your own to treasure forever.

Over the years, we have seen a wide variety of couples with unique dreams for their wedding. From the simple and classic, to the crazy and hilarious, we have done it all! One of our most popular services is our “Rock Your Reception” packages, which is perfect for taking your vision and combining songs of your choice to create a customized, first dance to truly WOW your guests on your big day. What is wonderful about wedding dance lessons, and our packages in particular, is that you can take your interests and tastes and infuse them into your ideal first dance. With an array of dance styles to choose from, including the playful Country Swing, sexy Argentine Tango, and classic Waltz, we will bring to life the unique vision of each bride and groom for their wedding dance. Oftentimes, the "surprise" first dance will start with the couple simply swaying or doing a basic slow dance and then escalates to become a combination with anything from Tango to Country to Salsa! Your guests will be in for a great surprise with a first dance that will set the mood for a fantastic reception that they will never forget.

Dance FX Studios' Wedding Dance Consultation is the perfect way to meet one of our staff to and discuss the details of your wedding. During your consultation, we take time to get to know you and your fiancée, as well as to discuss wedding details that are pertinent for planning a first dance. We will also get you on the dance floor, of course, to show you how to connect with each other and to begin dancing! 

A few things to have handy for your consultation are the venue details, dance floor dimensions, pictures of the dress, song options, theme ideas, and anything else that is specific to your wedding. This consultation is a full hour and is only $20, which does include your dance lesson. You can call or email us at the studio and we will set up a time that works best for you and your fiancée. We are available for wedding dance consultations by appointment Monday through Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm. Congratulations on your engagement and we can’t wait to meet you!

Ballroom Dancing in Arizona is Amazing!

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

                              -   Wayne Dyer

Learning to ballroom dance is process. You don’t have to be a perfect Tango dancer or know every variation of Swing dancing to enjoy social ballroom dancing. We can help you to become a confident social dancer at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Our focus here at Dance FX Studios is on your enjoyment and helping you to reap the benefits of dance. We do this by providing the best social ballroom dance lessons in Arizona!

While we strive to help our students become proficient in what we call the language of dance as quickly and as efficiently as possible, learning to dance is a journey. There are endless types and variations of dances that people enjoy around the world, offering options for anyone with any interests. Here in Arizona, it would be practical to learn Latin dances to take to Salsa clubs and you could also become a Country Swing or Two Step connoisseur if you plan to seek out good times at any of the numerous Phoenix Country bars. With any dance type that peaks your curiosity, you will get the most out of your private or group dance lessons with both time and practice.

Many students here at Dance FX Studios are amazed by how much their lives are impacted when they take dance lessons with us. Dancing helps you to get in shape, relieve stress and improve communication and intimacy between partners. It also serves as a healthy challenge, and provides a host of new social opportunities for you. You will gain confidence and walk with a certain air about you with your shoulders back, light on your feet. Dancing actually enhances and creates new connections in your brain because of the physical and mental challenges it provides. Almost every aspect of your life will be enhanced by dancing-all you need to do is come and see for yourself how beneficial dancing can be!

While most of us these days seek instant gratification and want to have the best and be the best we can instantly, the payoff for learning a cool, exciting, and sometimes challenging, skill like dancing is everlasting. Enjoy the journey and remember this, dancing is an investment in yourself and, if you have one, your partner. As the quote above reminds us, enjoy the journey of learning to dance-it is so worth it! i

Social Ballroom Dance Lessons Are For Everyone!

Ballroom dancing is a well-known form of dance, with shows like Dancing with the Stars portraying its elegance and complexity. The thing is, the ballroom dancing that you see on tv programs like these are not particularly useful for the rest of us non-celebrities, who just want to be confident dancing socially.  That’s where we come in! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been teaching social ballroom dance lessons to couples and singles of Arizona since 2001. What is social ballroom dancing? And why should YOU learn to social ballroom dance? Great questions! Most people want to learn popular dances and dance skills they can use for any occasion, whether they are attending a holiday party or a wedding. Social ballroom dancing is perfect for this everyday person.

What we mean by “social dancing” is the dancing that takes place at bars, clubs, weddings, cruises, and more. With dance lessons from us at Dance FX Studios, you will explore cool and fun dance steps and combinations to help you to shine on the dance floor. You will also learn how to navigate a busy dance floor, how to lead and follow and how to connect with your dance partner from one of our qualified instructors.

We can help you to become a great social dancer with private ballroom dance lessons in all of the most popular dance styles. Some of the most popular dances here in Arizona are the Country Two Step, Swing, Argentine Tango, and Salsa. Dance FX Studios specializes in making each of our students a proficient and confident social dancer and, with private dance lessons in any of these dances and more, you will get to your goal in no time! Since you will be working one-on-one with any of our incredible instructors on personalized lessons created just for you, you are sure to be dancing with ease before you know it. Dance FX Studios' instructors take note of your learning style, your goals, and where you see yourself dancing and then create lesson plans tailored to your needs. 

Private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios also give you the opportunity to choose the dances you want to learn. With up to four dance styles in your program, you may decide you want to focus on just Latin dances, like the Bachata or the Salsa, since you know that you will only be going out to the Latin dance clubs around Phoenix. Maybe Swing dancing is more to your style, so you want to learn the Jitterbug and West Coast Swing. Not sure which dance is best for your needs? No worries! You have the option to learn 3-4 different types of dances within your private dance lessons so that you can dance anywhere, anytime. Your instructor can help you pick the dances that best suit you and your preferences during your Introductory Offer,

Dance FX Studios' one-hour private Introductory Dance Lesson is an ideal, low cost way to check out our studio and our exclusive methods of teaching. Your instructor will get a feel for what your lesson plan will entail, and you will see how fun and easy we make learning to dance! With the help of the staff at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, you too can become a skilled, confident social dancer like you’ve been dreaming of. Call or visit us to get your Introductory Lesson scheduled today.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Skip Country Thunder and Come to Dance FX Studios for a Country Dance Party!

Dance FX Studios’ Country Dance Party is right around the corner! On April 12th, 2014, we will be hosting a Country dance party with band Two-bit Shotgun and dancers of all abilities for a night of dancing, drinks and dessert! Doors open at 8 pm and we will be boot scootin’ until 11 pm. It’s sure to be a night of fun, good refreshments and memories! Located just off of Price Freeway on the Southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe in Mesa, Arizona, Dance FX Studios invites dancers and non-dancers, ages 18 and up, to come join the fun! If you live in Phoenix and don't want to trek out to Country Thunder, this is THE place to be this coming Saturday night!

We have excellent instructors that provide private Country dance lessons here at Dance FX Studios, as well as exciting 4-Week Country Group Dance Classes that couples can come to and enjoy learning together in a group setting.  At the beginning of the dance party, there will be a short group Two Step dance lesson. Afterwards, the dance floor will be all yours! You can practice what you have learned in your lessons or try out some steps from the group class. Country Two Step, Country Swing, Nite Club 2 Step, Country Waltz and so much more can be put to use on this night!  To be sure that you and your dance partner enjoy yourselves and stay safe all night, here are some tips that will come in handy when sharing the dance floor with other dance couples:

Tip #1: Share the dance floor. You know as much as we do how exciting it is to Country dance, but big movements don’t always mean more fun or that you will look cooler. Take small steps so you can let newcomers give dancing a whirl without the fear being shoved by oncoming dancers who are flung into them.

Tip #2: Keep your feet on the ground, not in the air. Flipping and tricks that include lifting your lady can be dangerous on any dance floor, crowded or not. Keep all four feet on the ground and show that she is your dance partner, not your lasso.

Tip #3: Remember that everyone’s limbs are better left attached. Yanking each other around the dance floor seems cool and very “Country”, but it really is just a sign of an untrained dancer. Great Country dance partners keep each other safe and comfortable, respecting the attachment of their limbs!

Country dancing in Arizona is huge! Let us at Dance FX Studios, the best and only social dancing studio, prepare for any social dance floor. We will give you the confidence and skills that you are looking for plus what it takes to stay safe and smiling all night long! If you want to learn how to Country Two Step dance or Country Swing dance, our $40 Introductory offer is an hour in length and includes dance basics like form and how to lead and follow, as well as more tips on how to stay safe and comfortable on any social dance floor! You too can become a great social dancer in no time when you call us and schedule your first lesson! For the perfect start to your Country dance experience, begin with our party and see for yourself how much fun it is to know how to dance.

Popular Swing Dances in Arizona

Here in Arizona, we see a lot of Swing dancing out and about. Swing is by far one of the most popular forms of social dance that we see around the greater Phoenix area, but what IS swing, exactly? Considering how many types of swing dance styles are out there, over 24 variations (believe it or not), that is a completely valid question! Let's go into a bit more detail about 3 of the more common varieties of swing that you'll run into when you go out dancing here in Phoenix.

Country Swing

Born out of Jitterbug, Country Swing is the perfect dance for those upbeat Country songs that are a bit too quick for Two-Step. It's a single-time swing, which just means it follow the rhythm "Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick." The "slows" generally take the form of marching or walking steps, while the "quicks" take the form of rock steps. Not too crazy, right? That is until you add in all the twists and spins that this dance is known for! Country Swing will keep anyone smiling on the dance floor with a multitude of turns and  dips as well as continuously switching places with your dance partner. While Country Swing is not a "formal" Swing variation, it has become increasingly popular in Arizona. You will use the Country Swing wherever Country dance music is played. From Country bars in Phoenix, to weddings, the Country Swing is a must-have style of Swing in Arizona.

East Coast Swing

The East Coast Swing is also a dance that rotates plenty! It is a fun partner dance that can be done with triple steps or single steps, plus that famous rock step that is included in many Swing dance styles. With lots of turns and thrilling variations, the East Coast Swing can be danced from mid-tempo to faster songs in genres which include everything from Big Band to Country to Rock and Roll music. This versatile dance, with its stylistic options, can also be danced in Country bars, at weddings, on cruises and anywhere that upbeat "American-style" music is played.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing has often been described as the sultriest of all of the Swing dance styles. Unlike the Country Swing/East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing is linear, not circular. West Coast Swing music is also versatile and can range from Hip Hop to 70's disco. If you are looking for a playful,  sexy and challenging Swing dance, this is the one for you.

Come explore the many styles of Swing dancing that are popular in Arizona with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We would love to show you how useful and cool it is to know how to Swing dance. You can begin with a 4-Week Country Swing dance class or jump right into private Swing dance lessons with our introductory one-hour private dance lesson option. Whichever way you choose, you will have a blast learning a hobby that is healthy, exciting, romantic and an overall blast!

Dance FX Studios serves the greater Phoenix area, from Scottsdale to Queen Creek, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and beyond. If your goal is to be a confident and comfortable social dancer, then give us a call and let the fun begin!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get Ready for Country Thunder 2014!

Arizonans love all things Country… Toby’s Keith I Love This Bar, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, rodeos, Cowboy boots and best of all, Country dancing and music!! Country Thunder is a huge country music festival that is held right here in the Phoenix Valley.  Already have tickets? How exciting! Not going this year? Come to our Country Dance Party with live music instead! It’s on April 12th, Saturday evening, from 8-11 pm, so you could even squeeze in some Country dance lessons in before you go! Knowing your stuff will keep you safe and having fun all weekend long. Country Two Step, Country Swing and Nite Club Two Step will all come in handy there, and we at Dance FX Studios are the best place in the Valley to teach you! We are located in Mesa, so close to so many cities in the Phoenix area, making us the perfect social ballroom dance studio for you.

Our unique style of instruction and customized dance lesson packages ensure that you will get the most out of your lessons, which exactly what you need in a time crunch! In our Introductory Lesson for just $40 per couple, you will learn some Country dance basics, proper dance form and how to lead and follow, as well as how to navigate a crowded dance floor and connect with your partner.  After you get hooked during this first lesson, you can enroll in a five-lesson private dance lesson package. These five hours are full of more customized instruction with one of our great instructors, in which you will learn steps and moves that you can combine and use to any song at Country Thunder!

Single guys, knowing how to dance is NOT girly, you will be a hot commodity at the festival if you are able to twirl the country ladies all weekend. Not to mention, your skills will come in handy even after the party ends, at bars and clubs all over Arizona.

Ladies, besides packing and making sure you have all the right outfits, what better way to prepare for a music and Country dancing filled weekend than learning to dance?? We can equip you will the skills you need to be swept off your feet ever so gracefully by the cowboy of your dreams!

Couples, you’ve got tickets, camping passes, and a list of all the provisions and refreshments you need for the weekend, but what are you going to do the entire four days? Listening to music or faking it on the dance floor is fun for a while, but you will surely enjoy yourself so much more if you take lessons! We will teach the ladies to follow their capable and confident leading men on the floor, while also helping your communication skills and intimacy as a couple.

Country Thunder is right around the corner, and dance lessons should be on your to-do list! We can prepare you will the skills and tips you will want and need to safely and confidently boogie the whole weekend. Best of all, you will have so much FUN in your lessons and at Country Thunder! The Country dance party list here at Dance FX Studios is filling up fast, so buy your tickets ahead of time for $15 a person. Two-bit Shotgun with be playing, and drinks and dessert will be provided. Dip your toes in the dancing waters with our Intro Offer; you are sure to get hooked! See you soon, Country friends.