Friday, February 28, 2014

Stimulate your Sassy Side with Salsa Lessons

Salsa dancing is sexy, spicy, and sensual. Want to move to those quick, fun Latin beats in a Salsa club? Looking for something to spice up your relationship? Do you have an inner flirt that is dying to be released? Dance FX Studios in the East Phoenix Valley can give you the dance steps and social dance skills that you need to thoroughly enjoy yourself while out Salsa dancing. Our studio is located in Mesa just off of Price Freeway on Dobson and Guadalupe, very close to Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale!

Aside from the chance to connect in an intimate and seductive way with others on the dance floor, Salsa dancing opens you up to explore your sassier self, helping with self-expression and giving you a freedom that cannot be felt from most other hobbies. Now is your chance to join the fun! Here are a few things that you will learn in private Latin dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ:

1. Partner connection: Salsa dancing is generally fast paced. In order to move  as one with your special someone, let us help you to understand the principles of partner connection. With faster dances, being connected on the dance floor is key. In our private lesson introductory offer, you will be given an exercise to assist you in understanding how to move in synch with anyone on the dance floor.

2. Small steps: As with all Latin dances, small steps are essential for several reasons. One reason has to do with getting your hips moving. The only way to get those hips  moving the “right” way is by keeping your feet underneath your torso by taking very small steps. More information in your Latin dance lessons at Dance FX Studios will help you to understand the importance of tiny footwork.

3. Lead and Follow: In order to be a great Salsa dancer, knowing how to lead or follow is of primary importance. Rather than memorizing steps from a video or in a group class setting, get the basics of lead and follow first. Then your will have a solid foundation that you can use to build off of.

Whether you are single and ready to find a new dance partner or you and your partner want to learn together, we are the place for you. Our studio has over 12 years of experience equipping students with the skills and knowledge to enjoy themselves out dancing while staying safe on crowded floors. Our Introductory Offer is just $40; in this Introductory Lesson you will learn some dance basics, how to connect with your partner, and how to navigate a busy floor. Each of our instructors will discuss your goals and visions for yourself and your dancing and customize a lesson plan for you, ensuring that you will learn quickly and efficiently. This first lesson will give you a window into our unique concept, one that can make a dancer out of everyone-even YOU, and get you hooked on Salsa dancing!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Give Dance Lessons to Mom This Year

Valentine's Day has just passed and it's time to look to the next holiday of the year to share the perfect gift with that special woman in your life: MOM. That's right guys and gals, you know that, thanks to Hallmark, we always have something to look forward to in the gift-giving department. Husbands and children of all ages, let us make this Mother's Day extra special for the woman who has been there for you through it all. For the perfect gift for Mom this year, let us suggest dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios. Of course, you do have to live here in Phoenix, Arizona, where Dance FX Studios is located, to enjoy lessons here. :)

Trust us when we say there is nothing that women in general would love to do more than learn to Swing or Salsa dance. Social ballroom dancing is not only fun, but healthy, and a great stress reliever to boot! Wouldn't you love to see your wife's or mom's face when she opens up a gift card for dance lessons? Chances are, learning to Country Two Step or Tango has been on her bucket list for years. Now you can grant one of her must-do's with private dance lessons for her or, even better, with you and her together (Hubby's).

Dancing is a great way to re-connect with your special lady and for her to feel elegant and beautiful again. Don't forget, husbands, that you get to sweep her off of her feet if you join her in this experience. Remember when you were her everything? You can return to that time by being her prince charming on the dance floor. It's never too late to rebuild your relationship with couple's dance lessons.

What's great about private dance lessons for couples with us at Dance FX Studios in Arizona is that we really do focus on the connection between the couple. Dance lessons here are about more than just steps. Our intention is to provide a romantic hobby for the two of you to enjoy for years to come.

Imagine going to your next holiday party and actually getting out on the dance floor, rather than sitting on the sidelines and watching other couples have fun slow dancing or Swing dancing. Learn to social ballroom dance and those days are gone forever! From upcoming weddings to hitting the Country bars on the weekends for a "date night", you will always be able to enjoy a hobby with your sweetie that just gets better the more you do it.

This Mother's Day, take the plunge and join your wife for dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We are located just off the 101 freeway near Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ. We provide social dance lessons for couples who want to come closer together through the most romantic of all hobbies: dance. Give us a call at 480-968-6177 or stop by to see how you can give the gift of dance to that special lady in your life this year.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Everyone Should Partner Dance

Social ballroom dancing is just the best. Everything about it is simply great. Of course, dancing by yourself can be a blast, but nothing quite matches the intimacy and creativity of partner dancing. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, we see dance transform lives daily. Whether it's a single guy learning to  Country dance, a couple trying their hand at Argentine Tango, or a single lady who is learning to get her hips moving with some Latin dancing, the end result is the same - happier, healthier people! Everyone has something to gain from partner dancing, they just may not know it yet. Social partner dancing helps you...

Look Better

Dancing is incredibly active - especially dances like Salsa and Jitterbug. Swing dancing can burn as much as 550 calories an hour (or more if you get really into it). That's a pretty sweet, not to mention a fun, cardio workout. Salsa lessons burns around 405 an hour, and even slower ballroom dances can burn between 150 and 320 calories an hour.

Even if you aren't in it for the athletic side of things, private dance lessons can help improve posture, balance, coordination, and even add a bit of grace.

Feel Better

Did you know dancing triggers the release of endorphins? Just like any other exercise, dancing helps your brain release those feel-good chemicals to brighten your mood. Dance also has the added bonus of music, which already tends to lift spirits on its own. It's like the perfect dose of endorphins and sometimes adrenaline (if you are actively trying to impress someone). We also gain a lot of confidence through partner dancing.  Not only do we have a super fun skill, but we are constantly affirmed by the dancers around us. There's nothing quite like hearing "yes" from everyone (or just about everyone) you ask to dance. Knowing how to Country Two Step or Foxtrot is quite the confidence booster!

Communicate Better

Have you ever heard someone say that dancing is like another language? Because it is! Dancing is a great way to express yourself, but on a whole new level with ballroom dancing. You are no longer just expressing yourself, but you are communicating physically as a leader and a follower. By honing in on these nonverbal skills, we learn to truly listen to our partner.  We also create a much deeper sense of trust between leader and follower - he IS telling her where to go and what to do, after all.

As much as I love talking about how great partner dancing is, it's not the same as finding out for yourself. Come visit us in Mesa, Arizona just off the 60 and the 101 freeways. If private dance lessons aren't for you, we also have awesome group dance classes as well as Zumba fitness classes with incredible certified instructors. Call us at 480.968.6177 or email us at to see what we're all about. Already know how to dance? Join us for a Country Dance Party on April 12, 2014!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dance Your Stress Away!

Day to day life stresses and challenges can leave us all feeling tense and unhappy. Stress, if left unchecked, can cause chemical imbalances in your body. This can lead to serious illness by weakening your immune system. The improved muscle and heart function and increased oxygen levels in your body that come with dancing can atone for these negative effects of stress. Irritability, poor memory, aches and pains, sickness, and sleeping and eating more than usual are just a few symptoms of stress that goes unchecked. Managing your stress is so important for your health every day of the year. Dance FX Studios, one of the best dance studios in Arizona, can help you combat stress! We have great deals on lessons, including our $40 Introductory Offer and private dance lesson packages. 

Dance, whether it is the Country Two Step, the saucy Argentine Tango, or the passionate Bachata, is an excellent form of stress relief for many reasons. It provides an enjoyable level of healthy stimulation that improves your overall well being physically and mentally. Physically, dance is a great form of exercise. It helps muscle coordination and reduces the tension in muscles and glands that our bodies hold onto when we get stressed.  Ballroom dancing also requires you to think about multiple parts of your body and how certain movements and parts of your body feel. This can help you become more in tune with your body physically and be appreciative and aware of what is going on with yourself. Stress can attack your body in various ways, so when you are in tune with yourself, you are better at knowing when you are stressed and what you need to do (or not do) to relax. You can release negative emotions in your lessons and the endorphins released when being physically and mentally active will recharge your mood.  You will be working off extra weight and getting yourself revved up to accomplish what you need to! 

Self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-expression are enhanced through dancing and are all beneficial. Mentally, dance spurs the growth of connections in your brain, since it requires you to constantly think about where your body is and where it needs to be. This improves the coordination of your muscles and how well your brain controls and keeps track of the rest of you. Keeping your stress in check is made easier by this self-awareness as well. Dance is also beneficial emotionally in a few ways. When you let yourself loosen up in a lesson at Dance FX Studios, dance can become a great outlet for the various things you may be feeling every day, both positive and negative. Focusing on your lesson, your partner if you bring one, and the music you are moving to can take your mind off of your responsibilities and stressors, giving you the clarity and energy necessary for tackling it all. The more aware of your body and feelings you become, the better equipped you are to know when stress is taking over.

With our current deals on lessons and classes, now is as great a time as ever to get started on those Big Band Swing lessons and Zumba Fitness classes! We can help you fight off the stresses of a busy life and maintain your positive attitude at Dance FX Studios. Talk to your instructor or call us today at (480) 968-6177!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Men: It's Time to Dance!

Most men think they don’t like to dance. They might think it isn’t masculine or that they would be terrible at it and it would be too hard to learn. The reality is that dancing is FUN and we can make it easier for you! It provides an outlet for self-expression, boosts confidence, and gets them close to a woman on the dance floor. Even better, the man is in control on the dance floor! That’s right, the man is the leader and the woman follows his cues as he guides her and sweeps her off her feet. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been putting men in control and in tune with themselves for twelve years. Twelve years of experience making dance lessons a great experience for thousands of men, single and taken, makes us a leading social ballroom dance studio in Arizona. Teaching everything from the playful West Coast Swing to the sultry Argentine Tango, we are the studio that will make you feel right at home.

As a man, you should learn to dance because it’s a fun and exciting form of exercise. It raises your heart rate, works off extra body fat, and builds muscle. It uses a wide variety of motions to engage multiple muscle groups in an effective, dynamic way.  Because it is enjoyable, it is a much easier form of exercise to stick to and keep up your fitness with. It’s also very good for coordination and balance because it engages so many muscles and requires multiple body parts to work together. It can definitely prove as a nice mental and physical break from hitting the gym or running laps! 

Second to the dance skills you will obtain, perhaps one of the most important things you will gain from dancing is the confidence and sense of accomplishment you will find through lessons. Your newfound ability to lead your partner will give you confidence on the dance floor and off. Mastering the moves and dance styles you are learning will make you feel accomplished and give you assurance that you can truly dance the night away. You will be able to take what you learn and improvise on a dance floor outside of a lesson, impressing you partner and making her smile (and you, too!). This confidence boost will manifest in other areas of your life as well; you will walk taller and more proud with your shoulders back. Using body language and trust to communicate on the dance floor will improve your communication skills and bond and provide a new aspect of intimacy for you and your partner. This proves to be a great thing whether you have been married for thirty years or you just met someone new.

Having dance skills is undeniably a social asset. At Dance FX Studios, we teach you social dancing skills, not competitive dancing techniques. Not only will you gain knowledge of moves and styles, we also teach you proper dance form and how to lead and connect with your partner.  Knowing how to dance is very useful at weddings, parties, nightclubs, bars, and other social settings. Having fun is much easier when you know what you’re doing and can lead a lady around the dance floor. Your partner will also have more fun if they can follow your lead and trust your moves. Improved communicative abilities with your partner and increased self-confidence will  make it so much easier to just let go and enjoy yourself.

All of these perks are beneficial for men whether they are single or not. For single men, learning to dance will help tremendously on the dating scene. Most women love to dance and they love a guy who knows how to dance; her toes go unsquished and she doesn’t have to bear through awkward, jerky dances with the same repetitive moves over and over again.   A man who is willing to lead her on the dance floor is attractive, but a lot of men aren’t inclined to do so. If you learn to dance and become one of those men who can dance and lead her, that sets you apart from the crowd! 

For those men who are not single, chances are your wife or girlfriend loves to dance and wishes you would dance with her more often. When you discover the benefits of dance, you will be able and willing to take your lady out dancing. If you are married, you know that a happy wife is a happy life! Make her smile by taking time to learn something for her – and with her! As a couple, you will turn heads when you go to weddings or when you go out on date nights. Who doesn’t love looking talented and connected as a pair? Remember, she wants you to dance with her. Dance lessons are a great couple’s activity and you will earn major brownie points if you take regular lessons with her. Learning to dance takes time, so recurrent lessons will give you the ability to take your wife or girlfriend out and dance the night away regularly.

No matter what type of dance lessons you want to take, the sexy Salsa, intimate Tango, or honky tonkin’ Country Two Step,– we can equip you to go out into the social dancing world with the confidence and ability to show someone a great time, while enjoying yourself thoroughly! Just an hour of our time is all we need to show you how fun and rewarding learning to dance can be for you, men. Our $40 Introductory Offer is an excellent way to test the waters – you will discuss what types of dances you are interested in with your instructor and get out on the floor and start learning. Call us or visit us today and we can get you started!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

All the Single Ladies!

All the Single Ladies

This one goes out to all the single ladies! Ladies – are you getting tired of trying to find Mr. Right in boring bars and awkward blind dates? Want to find a new outlet for stress and tension, a way to express yourself and let go of everyday stresses? Searching for a self-confidence booster that is fun? Dance lessons can offer stress relief, exercise, self-expression, and teach you skills to apply to your social life. Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley in Mesa, Arizona is close to Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix and more and just might be exactly what you have been looking for! We have been teaching single women to dance everything from the sexy Salsa and Tango to the fun Country Two Step for over twelve years, giving us tons of experience catering lessons to every woman's needs. Dance lessons offer numerous benefits for single women:

Chances are your body is not used to moving in the many directions and ways that dancing requires it to. Moving backwards, side stepping, leading your partner in many directions – they’re all advantageous for your body! In addition to toning your body, dance lessons will help you burn calories as well. Each type of dance offers different movements and tempos and, therefore, burns a certain range of calories. For example, Salsa dancing for an hour can burn up to 480 calories! Country Western styles like the Country Swing and Country Waltz can get you moving and use between 290 to 420 calories, depending on the speed and difficulty of the moves. In every hour-long lesson of learning to dance the Cha Cha, anywhere from 260 to 530 calories can be burned- yeah to Latin dancing!. Zumba fitness classes are specifically geared for exercise and can use up to 650 calories! 

Self-Expression, Self-Confidence, and Stress Relief
Social dancing is also excellent for individual self- improvement. By giving social dance lessons a try, you will gain more confidence and self- esteem, become self-disciplined, gain a sense of accomplishment and increase persistence. Many people really want to learn how to dance, but they allow their fears and anxiety to stop them from trying something new. Breaking through fear and anxiety of any kind always increases self-confidence. Taking those first steps to get on the dance floor can boost self-esteem, helping you to become more in touch with your courageous side, and bringing you greater joy than you have ever dreamed.  Dancing is about self-discovery, self-expression. and spontaneity. When you dance, the body expresses itself by means of the motions which are natural to it. By making the body an instrument of free expression we are able to express in bodily movement the ideas and emotions that come from within. Taking dance lessons can significantly improve your stress level, give you a mental break from your work and personal life challenges and improve your mental health. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and mood problems can all be helped by dancing. In fact, numerous studies have proved that individuals improved these conditions and experience a boost in overall mood, positivity and happiness while dancing. That’s something to smile about!

Social Perks
Maybe you would like to meet some new people and make new friends. Social dancing is an excellent way to get to know others without a lot of pressure. It provides a wonderful way for people to become socially acquainted- especially in group dance classes or dance parties. A boost in self-confidence and self-esteem will have you out on the floor in no time, meeting new friends and partners and having FUN! Dancing is an aphrodisiac; you can create new sparks on the dance floor by getting that heart racing, those endorphins pumping and that body moving and grooving to your favorite tunes. Country Two Step your way into his heart with dance lessons for couples. Nothing is more fun and romantic, not to mention a great means of connecting with each other, more than dancing lessons for two. Social ballroom dancing gives you an opportunity to move together as one and work together as a team. Romance at its finest! For new couples, or singles who may be dancing together for the first time, Salsa or Swing dancing is a great way to assess how well you communicate as a leader and follower. This may reveal how well you fit together off the dance floor, as partner dancing exercises your communication skills and helps you become more in tune with each others' emotions and body language.

Social ballroom dancing is a great thing for everybody, but especially for single ladies! Now is the time to embrace a new challenge and discover what it can do for you. Our Introductory offer is a great way to dip your toes in the proverbial water and see how dancing can change your life. For a full hour, you will discuss with your instructor where you see yourself dancing and why you want to learn, which will help him fine tune your lesson plan and create goals specifically geared towards you as an individual. You will also get out on the floor and learn some basics in dance form, how to follow a partner on the floor, and how to connect with your partner on the dance floor.There is no one size fits all in dance lessons! We want to make sure you get the most out of what you pay for and learn as much as possible. Call us at 480.968.6177 or visit the studio today. You won't be sorry!