Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Healing Through Ballroom Dancing

In the time I’ve been at Dance FX Studios (since late last year, 2012) as the HR representative, I have seen how truly beneficial dancing can be for so many people. Whether it’s physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, through private dance lessons or group dance classes, I’m amazed at the positive impact that dancing has had on our students.

It doesn’t matter which dance you choose - it could be a Country two step or swing dance class or a private dance lesson in Salsa or Argentine Tango- the benefits are endless.

Let me give you some examples of some real students that I have had the pleasure to meet in the last few months here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ.  I have changed their names to protect their anonymity.

I will start with “Jane D”, who came into the studio in December feeling depressed, unsure of herself, shy and having low self-esteem. I have seen an unbelievable transition in Jane. She now comes into the studio happy! She’s making new friends, she goes out socializing more, her confidence is soaring, and she’s no longer afraid to speak up for what she wants. Jane came into the studio wanting to learn Country dancing and is not only proficient in the two step and Country swing, but also in the salsa, Argentine tango and several other dances she has learned here as well. When she’s out on the dance floor for her lessons or at one of our Night’s Out around Phoenix or at studio dance parties, she no longer sits on the side lines, she is out on the dance floor dancing the night away! I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see her making these changes in her life, changes that will last a lifetime and have helped her to become the person she is meant to be- happy and confident.

There is another student, “Sam Z”, who started out with little confidence in his dancing abilities, but with the determination to make a change in his life.  After just a few months, he is now an awesome dancer, who is more confident not only in his dancing, but in himself as well. On top of this, he has also lost a good amount of weight since coming to the studio. How beneficial is that? Sam wasn’t even trying to lose weight, but by coming to the studio for private dance lessons consistently several times a week, the weight just fell off of him. He came into the studio to learn Country dancing and in addition is now also doing great with the Latin dances, such as the salsa and bachata. He looks better than ever and we all know that when you look better, you feel better and when you feel better about yourself, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Another male student, “Fred F”, decided to take a bold step to come to the studio to learn to dance. Fred is a very outdoorsy and rugged man who wanted to learn to dance for quite some time and finally decided to just do it. At the end of his first lesson, he was very emotional about his experience. He couldn’t believe how he felt after just one dance lesson. He was amazed by how this was making him feel, exploring a whole new side to himself that he felt hadn’t been awakened in a long time. Fred just knew that he was meant to be here and as he continued with his lessons, those feelings grew stronger inside of him and opened him up more to his creative side. He started to reevaluate his life and decided he needed to make some overdue changes that were needed. It was very touching to see him go through this transformation.

These are just a few examples of how advantageous coming to Dance FX Studios can be to any individual. I feel so lucky to have witnessed these, and many other, blossoming students in such a short amount of time. In addition to the improvements that dancing has offered these students individually, dancing also enhances your relationship with others. When you feel good about yourself, you project that out to others and the results from that can only be positive for all.

So, if you have been sitting on the sidelines watching others having fun, or you want to do something positive for yourself, this may be just what you need. Dance FX Studios is located at 1859 W. Guadalupe Rd., in Mesa. We are here Monday-Friday, from 10:00 am-8:00 pm and Saturdays, from 9:30 am-4:00 pm for private dance lessons in all social dance styles from salsa to Country two step, Argentine tango and swing. We have an incredible introductory offer that will allow you to see how dancing can positively affect you too. Bring your partner or come alone. Either way, you will be glad you took that step to do something really positive for yourself.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dancing With The Stars Recognizes Social Dancing

Dancing With The Stars is finally on board...with social dancing, that is. After years of showing off traditional ballroom dances like the paso doble and Viennese waltz, the show is now revealing a more "useful" side of dancing. With the addition of key popular social dances like the salsa, Argentine tango, jitterbug and even the Country two step, viewers can now see how dancing can be enjoyed in the "real world" and off of the competitive ballroom dance floor. 

For entertainment purposes, one can understand why the sheer elegance of the foxtrot and the pure passion of the bolero would make anyone watch Dancing With The Stars. Just sit on your couch and be transformed to the ultimate fantasy as you watch the pros, with their picture-perfect bodies, glide across the dance floor. "Maybe I could do that", could have been a fleeting thought in your mind as you re-played your favorite dance number from Maxs and Kirstie Alley over and over again through your DVR. "Why not?" you may have said to your yourself as you whipped out your laptop in search of the nearest ballroom dance studio. Then reality set in. "But where would I actually be able to go once I know how to ballroom dance? Who am I kidding? And who has time to learn any of that anyway?"

Fortunately, the popularity of Dancing With The Stars has since brought a new light to social ballroom dancing. Fun and exciting dances that you can actually enjoy at a Latin club or in a Country bar are now being presented on the show. While the same competitive "flash and trash" (as we call it) huge, sweeping routines for entertainment value may be a bit distracting, some of the newly exposed dances on the hit reality show are actually able to be converted to a crowded, social dance floor. Take salsa, for example. Salsa dancing, especially here in Phoenix, Arizona, is extremely popular. What's great about this useful Latin dance is that it doesn't require a lot of space in those steamy, packed dance clubs. Accompanying dances like the merengue and bachata have not yet made their mark on Dancing With The Stars, but we are hoping they soon will. 

For Country dance fans, and there are a lot of them here in AZ, the Country two step and swing have made an appearance or two on Dancing With The Stars. While the pros, who are definitely out of their element teaching their stars how to Country dance, may not have been able to truly reveal how these popular social dances are actually easy to learn, the dances are making it to tv sets all across America. Progress for us social dancers!

Now it is your turn to become your own star on the dance floor. With popular social dances like the two step, swing and salsa, you can be that hot mama or cool dude that you always wanted to be and find use for your newfound skill. In fact, your skill set on the dance floor will open doors that you may not have even expected. Many of our students here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ have transformed their lives throughout their journey's here as students. They have gone from shy to superstars filled with confidence-just by learning to dance. Social dance lessons have given them a chance to meet new friends, shed those unwanted pounds and get off the couch once and for all! Dance lessons also help with those who are in need of a romance boost in their relationship. It does feel great to get connected after a long day of work, kids and life's many other distractions. 

If you are ready to get movin' on the dance floor, give social dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios a try! We have a great introductory offer that will help give you a sense of how dancing will enhance your life. Couples and singles as well as beginners with absolutely no dance experience are welcome. :) 

Dance FX Studios is the first purely social dance studio for adults in Arizona. We have been in the Phoenix East Valley for over a decade and we are going strong with the help and exposure of shows like Dancing With The Stars. Join us for private dance lessons or group classes in your favorite dance and music genres including Latin, Swing, Country and Argentine tango (our speciality) and see how dance "FX" you! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On a Budget? Give Group Dance Classes a Try!

While many of us love to Country, Swing or Latin dance here in AZ, not everyone can afford to invest in private dance lessons. For the next best thing, give group dance classes at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona a try. What makes our adult dance classes different than others in the Phoenix valley?

1. Limited Class Sizes: At Dance FX Studios, we limit class sizes to 30 people so you can get more hands on instruction. We encourage you to ask questions as we explore social dances including the Country swing and two step, Latin dances like the salsa and bachata and the Argentine tango. We even offer Hip Hop dance classes for adults! With smaller class sizes, we can take you further in each dance style with confidence. Our goal for you is to be able to take your dancing out to any local dance venue, wedding or social event with confidence.

2. Class Structure: Dance FX Studios sets the bar once again in the valley as the leader of the pack in dance studios for adults in Phoenix. Forget about the frustrating experience of coming to a group class week after week and reviewing the same basic steps for the first-timers. With our 4-week progressive group dance classes, you will build on your dance moves, combinations and techniques each week for 4 consecutive weeks with the same group of people. That's right, in our classes, you will pre-enroll and join in with others so that we can help you all grow and learn a complete set of moves that you can take to any social dance floor. The best part is that each 4 week group class offers anew set of moves so that you can learn something new from month to month.

With our new single's dance classes that Dance FX Studios is offering in May 2013, you may now decide if you want to attend classes that rotate dance partners or classes that allow you to stick with your partner for all 4 weeks. This is great for both singles and couples! Couples can stay together with their built-in dance partners and singles can mingle as they meet new friends by rotating dance partners.

3. Our Concept: As the only social dance studio for adults in Arizona, Dance FX Studios offers you a chance to learn practical dances and dance steps that you can use in any social dance situation. How do you maneuver around a crowded dance floor comfortably? We will give you the tips and tools needed to dance in the "real world".

Salsa, swing or two step dance classes in Mesa, Arizona at Dance FX Studios are a blast! Meet new friends, learn fun and popular social dances and join in a studio that feels like home away from home right here in the East valley of Phoenix. Dance FX Studios was established in 2001 and has created thousands amazing social dancers all over Arizona from Flagstaff to Tucson. If you would like to become a confident social dancer for your next night out, check us out today!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tango or Two Step? Where to Begin...

Ready to give dance lessons a go but don't know where to start? That's OK, I am here to help! :) First, let me congratulate you on delving into a hobby that will enhance your life in so many fun and exciting ways. Social dancing in Arizona, including salsa and Country swing, is a wonderful way to meet new friends, relieve stress and even shed any unwanted weight without knowing that your body is getting a work-out. Dancing will also help you to gain social confidence and end your wallflower days for good.

While learning to dance can be intimidating for most, once you know how to Country two step, swing or tango, you will quickly wonder why you have put it off all of these years. What may have held you back (dancing is not cool for guys to know, I will look like a fool out on the dance floor, no one will ever want to dance with me) will be a thing of the past with dance lessons under your belt. Learning to dance with structure from a dance studio will empower you to enjoy the benefits of dancing from this point forward.

The question now is, which of these dances should I begin with? Since most non-dancers only know bits about ballroom dancing from what they see on reality dance shows like "Dancing with the Stars" or "So You Think You Can Dance", it can be a challenge to determine what dance would be most rewarding and useful to try first. My recommendation is to start with a dance that meshes best with the kind of music that you like. For example, if you listen to a lot of Country music, it would be ideal to being with the two step or Country swing. If you enjoy oldies, the foxtrot or East Coast swing would be a wonderful starting point. For Latin music lovers, salsa and bachata or Argentine tango are amazing and useful dances for Phoenix residents to know.

If you don't have a music preference, I suggest choosing a dance style that looks appealing to you. Some people are drawn to the Argentine tango because of its passion and intimate nature. Others gravitate to the swing because it is fun and playful.

You will being to see for yourself how addictive learning to dance can be once you get involved in a studio that is right for you. Take the time to sample out a local studio or two that meets your dancing goals and see about their introductory offers. Many Arizona ballroom dance studios are geared towards competitive ballroom dancing. If that is not your thing, check into dance studios that offer purely social dance lessons for adults, like Dance FX Studios in Mesa. Find out through an introductory offer what each type of studio can do for you. Does your instructor take the time to uncover your learning style and dances of preference (or help you with recommendations) or does the lesson seem generic and cookie-cutter? Do you feel comfortable in the atmosphere that you are in?

If you live in our around the Phoenix metro area and would like to focus on learning to dance for social occasions, Dance FX Studios is the place for you. You will receive personalized instruction that is based on your specific dancing goals. Each lesson will be packed with great dancing tips and lots of fun! Dance FX Studios is in Mesa, AZ and is on the border of Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert in the East Valley of Phoenix. Give us a call, stop by or check out our website to see how we can make you a confident and comfortable social dancer in no time.