Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bridal Party Dance Lessons in AZ

Make your wedding reception especially memorable with a bridal party dance!

If you and your fiancé have a tight-knit group of friends that will be part of your wedding and you want to show off your personalities, learn a bridal party dance to WOW your friends and family. Creating a bond within your bridal party is a wonderful way to make your wedding day that much more memorable, and a bridal party dance will do just that! Not only will your entourage grow closer together, you will all create amazing memories that will last a lifetime. 

Does your group have a “theme song” of sorts that always gets you smiling and riled up? Perhaps you’ve heard a song recently or have a classic in mind that will show off your group in a fun light. As one of the leading ballroom dance studios in Arizona, Dance FX Studios can take that song or idea and bring it to life!

Surprise bridal party dance routines are very popular, and they will kick off your wedding party right and get everyone moving for the rest of the night. Get your receptions started with an exciting Salsa or a dazzling Swing dance to really impress your guests. Just like the perfect surprise first dance, bridal dances are an unexpected keepsake that everyone at your wedding will find exciting and impressive. 

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has taught numerous wedding parties over the past 12 years to dance. We have choreographed everything from Hip Hop dance routines to dramatic Argentine Tango numbers, leaving guests inspired to dance and itching to hit the floor themselves. The instructors at Dance FX Studios will help you to brainstorm and personalize a routine that no one at your wedding will soon forget. You, as the bride and groom, will have the chance to enjoy time together and with your friends and loved ones. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even family members can all be included in your bridal party dance. These lessons are a great way to relieve some of the stress of wedding planning and let you have some fun!

With our Create-A-Class option here at Dance FX Studios, you can create a customized package for private dance lessons for your group. (Click here for rates and availabilities.) These hour-long packages can be personalized for the amount of time available, for beginner dancers and beyond and based on what kind of dance you have in mind. Our instructors will go over the music you wish to incorporate and any routine ideas or concepts you’re thinking of with you in advance in a wedding dance consultation. They can also offer ideas and inspiration how to make you all shine on the dance floor. Music editing for you and your deejay is included in every wedding dance package, so you can combine several songs or adjust the length of a song to fit your performance.

Now that you know you want to do a bridal party dance, here are some tips to get you started on the right foot (See...they’re not both left feet!):
  •   Contact us at Dance FX Studios in AZ today! Give us a call at 480.968.6177.
  •   Begin planning for private dance lessons for your group at least 4-6 months prior to the wedding.
  •    Have at least 3 songs prepared, or at least an idea of the type of music you want to incorporate.
  •  Think of who you want to include in your dance (bridesmaids, groomsmen, family...)
  •    Research what kind of performance you want to put on; there are videos on our website. YouTube is also a great source of bridal party videos.
  •   Find out the dimensions of the dance floor you’ll be using and get a floor plan of the reception area.
  •   Get excited!! Dancing is fun and bridal party dances are unforgettable.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing Are for You!


Have you been looking for a new hobby to keep you both physically and mentally active? Maybe you’ve been wanting to meet new people or partake in an activity that will spark your interest and put some pep in your step. Ballroom dance lessons just might be what you've been searching for! Not only is Ballroom dancing fun and exciting, it’s also beneficial for your health and well-being. 

According to the USDA’s physical activity guidelines, dance is a “moderate activity”. Just 30 minutes of this type of activity every day is recommended for adults. Ballroom dancing is a whole lot more fun to stick to than working out at the gym and, because of this, it will be more likely to maintain your interest over a longer period of time. How cool is that! 

Did you know that dancing burns an average of 5 to 10 calories per minute? In fact, in one 55 minute lesson, you can burn up to 550 calories! Ballroom dances like the Swing and the Salsa also aid in flexibility-especially since most forms of dance require dancers to perform moves that require bending and stretching. With ballroom dance lessons for you or you and a partner, you can build your endurance and improve your overall health while having a great time.

Stress and tension are part of everyone’s life. Stress can play a part in numerous health and emotional problems if it is not alleviated. Believe it or not, relief and relaxation can be found through ballroom dancing! One of the best ways to fight stress is to make time for fun in your life. This includes making time for yourself, connecting with others, and doing something you enjoy every day. Give Argentine Tango lessons or Country dance lessons a shot and see how the stresses of your life fade away as you focus on learning something new and enjoyable. In partner dancing, you can also connect with others and enjoy the company and camaraderie of the fellow dancers and instructors.

Ballroom dancing not only exercises your body, it exercises your brain as well. Dancing presents constructive mental challenges like memorizing steps and working with a partner that cause your brain to make instant decisions. The movement and actions you make while dancing stimulate the connectivity between parts of your brain. Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity. Do you think that an old dog can’t learn a new trick?  Not so! Through learning to ballroom dance, you are training your brain to do a new motor skill. With practice, your muscle memory will kick in and dance can become a second nature.

No matter your age or ability, ballroom dancing is beneficial for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, searching for a exciting, low-impact physical activity, or just want to see what dance is like, you’re sure to find that dancing will prove constructive and valuable in your life. 

For ballroom dance lessons in Phoenix, Arizona that offer these benefits and so much more, try us out at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. We are on the border of Tempe and Chandler and are just minutes from the 101 highway leading you into Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix. Dance FX Studios will teach you how to become a confident social ballroom dancer in no time with private dance lessons tailored just for you. Enjoy the benefits of ballroom dancing with us at Dance FX Studios.

Empty Nesters-It's Time to Dance!

You and your significant other have been thinking about this moment for years. You’ve spent most of your adult lives raising the kids and it seems that in the blink of an eye, they are now adults living their own lives. How did it all happen so quickly? You have mixed feelings- a part of you wants to cry, but another part is doing a happy dance- it’s just the two of you again! Even though you both are busy with work, home, and other commitments, you now have some extra time to spare.

Now is the perfect time to do something fun and different together! There are quite a few options to choose from: hiking, a book club...even date nights. Something you may not have considered that will bring you closer and help you to re-connect is ballroom dance lessons. At Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, Arizona, part of the Phoenix East Valley area, we have had numerous “empty nesters” that attend private dance lessons in cool and popular dances ranging from the passionate Argentine Tango to the Country Swing. And, we have seen these same students getting closer and really appreciating their partner- something that may have been overlooked all these years. Why not give it ballroom lessons a try for yourselves? You’ve earned it!

Taking private Country or Latin dance lessons together is a great way to bring back some of the passion in your relationship. It provides an opportunity to set aside some time when it’s just the two of you, allowing you to shut out the rest of the world and just focus on your spouse. When you’re out on the dance floor learning to move your bodies to the music as one, all you need to think about is being in your partner’s arms and leaving everything else behind. Can you remember the last time that happened? If you can’t recall when, then maybe it’s time to rediscover each other all over again. Ballroom dancing is such a romantic way to enhance your relationship as it brings your mind, body and the spirit in harmony. 

Learning to Salsa or Two Step dance as a couple is beneficial in other ways as well. Dancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul; compel your spirit to soar; unleash locked-away creativity; unite generations and cultures; elicit long-forgotten memories; and turn sadness into joy, even if only during one dance. Doesn’t this inspire you to get out on the dance floor and kick up your heels?

Remember that dancing also provides a great physical and mental workout. Researchers are finding that dancing can help keep your body and brain healthy as you age. No matter which type of ballroom dancing you choose, from the Foxtrot to the Waltz, dancing is ideal for helping people of all ages and physical abilities get and stay in shape, both mentally and physically. And dancing improves your memory by making you recall steps, routines, and dance patterns. The awesome benefit from this is that it keeps your mind young, quick, alert and open.  And it's a lot more exciting than doing crossword puzzles!

To get going on your new adventure into ballroom dance lessons here in the Phoenix area, Dance FX Studios offers an Introductory Offer for only $40 per couple! This will give you the opportunity to explore our unique style of instruction, how to develop a partner connection, and to sample a variety of dances. We would love the chance to show you how enjoyable and effortless it is to learn to dance! You and your partner have done so much for so many others, don’t you deserve to do something for yourselves? You bet you do! So grab your partner, come on down and get dancing!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Men

Attention all men! Has your significant other made it clear to you that she wants to learn to ballroom dance? Do you keep looking for excuses to get out of it? Maybe you go out to clubs with your friends and watch all the other guys asking the cute girls to dance, while you sit there nursing your beer, wishing you were one of those guys. Well, guess what? It’s time to stop making excuses and become a confident dancer-it's not too late to look great on the dance floor!

We know that the thought of going somewhere to learn to dance can make you a little apprehensive. No need to feel that way! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, part of the Phoenix East Valley area, we have helped thousands of men overcome this concern and become confident and competent social dancers with private dance lessons. We admire men who have the courage to acknowledge that learning to dance is maybe a little out of their comfort zone, but are still determined to do something about it anyway. Whether your preference is to learn the Country Two Step or maybe some spicy Salsa dancing, we can help to achieve your goal.

Many times women who want to go out social dancing have two options- go with their girlfriends or drag their reluctant partner out on the dance floor. So men, you need to realize that if you want to really make an impression with the ladies, you should put your misgivings aside and learn to dance. When your lady is happy, then so will you be. Plus, social dancing is so much fun and easy to learn!

The best way to get going with private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Arizona is with our Introductory Special. The hour-long offer is just $40 per couple or single. What a great way to get familiar with the studio and our unique approach of teaching. You’ll be able to sample 3-4 dances, which may help you to determine which dances you are most interested in learning. Some of the most popular social dances include Swing dancing, Bachata and even the Argentine Tango. You will also discover in your introductory private dance lesson how to connect with your partner on the dance floor- an important element in social dancing.  What an excellent, low cost way to begin your new adventure into dancing!

To help give you a little motivation, here are a few things that may not have occurred to you:

1.     Social dancing is the perfect way to communicate without talking! We know that a lot of men prefer action over conversation, so this is the perfect opportunity to get moving while still connecting with that special someone. Instead of talking about how much your partner means to you- show her with your willingness to dance. Is there any better way to sweep her off her feet?

2.     You will be gaining a skill that many men don’t have the ability to do. Women LOVE a guy who can dance! It shows them that you are strong and confident enough in yourself to try something that other men may think is not very masculine. That’s OK- let those men be the ones sitting it out while you are out there showing them how it’s done. Will they ever be jealous! And you better believe that at least one of them will now decide they also need to learn to dance.

3.     Learning to dance builds confidence not only in your dancing, but in all areas of your life. When you are self-assured, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. Take the workplace for example. Suddenly people are looking to you for advice, sales are flying out the door, and your career is soaring to new heights!
Men who make the effort to learn to social dance are definitely ahead of the game. Doing so to please your partner conveys how much you really care about her. When doing it for yourself it shows you have the fortitude to learn a new skill that many men don’t have and which will be beneficial for any occasion throughout your life.

Well, are YOU ready to learn how to ballroom dance? Let Dance FX Studios in Phoenix, near Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert, help you to become a proficient social dancer who can dance at weddings, local dance venues, parties- whatever the event! For over 12 years we have helped so many students reach their social dancing goals and we certainly welcome the opportunity to do the same for you. So, come on, let’s get dancing!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make an Impression on The Dance Floor at Your Wedding!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! There are so many arrangements and preparations to plan for that there is something you may have overlooked- your first dance at the reception. Are you ready for that cherished moment? If you really want to feel confident and make an impression on this most important day, it’s time to start thinking about taking some private ballroom dance lessons.

For over 12 years, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, has choreographed a multitude of first dances for all kinds of weddings. From the traditional Waltz to the sultry Argentine Tango, you too can have a one-of-a-kind dance choreographed just for you. To get started with just the right wedding dance for you and your fiancé, we recommend setting up a Wedding Dance Consultation. This hour-long consultation includes getting to know you, your vision for the first dance, and of course, dancing! We will also help with important details such as finding the perfect song that suits your personalities and the type of dancing you envision. Hour-long packages are personalized for your time frame, dance ability and overall vision for your perfect wedding dance.

A customized wedding dance is the ideal touch to any wedding. These days, brides and grooms are getting more creative with their first dances, so impress your guests with a wedding dance routine that will blow them away! As the happy couple, make your first dance one to remember with a personalized, choreographed wedding dance or maybe basic wedding dance lessons that will help you to feel comfortable on the most significant day of your life.  Either way, wouldn’t it be great to create that magical moment that will last forever?

In addition to the fun you will have learning to dance, you and your fiancé will enjoy some time together away from all of the wedding preparation stress. With private dance lessons for your wedding, you will always be able to dance together, utilizing a life skill for any occasion, such as other weddings, holiday parties and various dance events-even date nights with your honey. So, schedule a wedding dance consultation to let the fun begin! Once you have your wedding consultation set up, here are our top 3 suggestions on how to prepare for your first ballroom dance lesson:

1. Bring a few song ideas that you would enjoy dancing to for your first dance. From there, your wedding consultant can get a better feel for your style in music and better direct you creating an awesome dance for this unforgettable moment!

2. Make sure you have some ideas of how you see yourselves dancing your first dance. Do you want to do a sassy Salsa or a passionate Bolero dance? Maybe you would prefer something smooth and classic like a Foxtrot. It does help to do a little research to see what you like and what you don't like so that your first dance is just what you visualize.

3. Bring a photo of your dress, shoes and even the dance floor from your wedding venue if possible. The more information you can provide to your wedding dance choreographer, the better prepared you will be for your amazing first dance.

Something you may not have considered is that after the wedding, when you are back from the honeymoon and settling into your lives together, social dancing is the perfect way for newlyweds to keep the romance alive. It allows for time with each other, a “date night” doing something fun and different. We believe that private ballroom dance lessons for couples are essential for a healthy, happy life filled with passion, teamwork, and ongoing courtship.

Make your first dance magical and memorable with wedding dance lessons at Dance FX Studios! We have the experience, knowledge and creativity to prepare you for an exceptional first dance. Neighboring cities to Dance FX Studios include Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale so we are convenient for most Phoenix East Valley residents to get you prepared for your first dance with private dance lessons. We would love to help you absolutely sparkle on your wedding day!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meet New Friends Through Ballroom Dancing in Phoenix!

Have you recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and are looking to meet new people? We have the perfect solution to meeting great new friends- ballroom dance lessons! No matter what your age, dancing is a great way to socialize. And let’s not forget- it’s also a lot of fun! Whether you try private ballroom dance lessons or group dance classes in Salsa, Swing or even Country Two Step, learning to dance is an ideal way to gain confidence, make new connections, relax and become a skilled dancer.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ has helped many newcomers to Arizona become competent and self-assured ballroom social dancers. We will teach you all of the popular dances from Line dancing to Country Swing in both private lessons and group classes. It can sometimes be a little difficult to make friends outside of work when moving to a different city, especially when you’re busy getting settled. Taking dance lessons is a low pressure way to meet others, while you are also learning a skill that you will use throughout your life, for any occasion from weddings to nights out around town.

Maybe you’re not sure whether to take private dance lessons or a group class.  Private dance lessons are really the most efficient way for you to become a skilled dancer. You will work one-on-one with your instructor learning at your rate in the specific dances you want to learn. Your lessons are customized just for you and your needs. So, if you want to focus solely on Country dances or Latin dances, that's what we'll give you! Private dance lessons are available throughout the week, so taking 2-3 lessons each week will definitely get you on the fast track to becoming a proficient dancer. Just think, the more often you come in for individual instruction, the sooner you’ll be out on the dance floor at your next event or even a night out dancing with friends!

Group classes at Dance FX Studios are a great way to connect with other students. Learn anything from Swing to Bachata dancing and see how FUN and EASY we make learning to dance. Also, dancing with the same group of people in a dance class can help you cultivate new relationships. You already have a common interest because you are in the same class and seeing each other every week makes it much easier to start up a conversation and get to know one another.  In the process, it provides an opportunity to buddy up and try your new skills at one of the local venues here in Phoenix.

In addition, we host dance parties at the studio each month, with a live band or a DJ, a mini group class, and refreshments! This is an awesome way to spend a night applying all you have learned from your private ballroom dance lessons or group dance classes to a real world situation. And, with our instructors and other students dancing throughout the night, you will not lack for a dance partner and will feel really comfortable in this encouraging environment. Participating in our dance parties is also a great “trial run” for going out to local venues to dance. We have had numerous students who have met this way and then make plans to go out dancing together, as a group. This helps you to feel more confident with fellow students and makes the prospect of dancing out not so intimidating. How great is that?

Now that you know what Dance FX Studios can do for you, why not give us a call at 480.968.6177 to get started with an introductory private ballroom dance lesson or even a group class? We would love to help you learn to dance, build your confidence, make some new friends, and have a great time. We hope to see you soon!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Skip Happy Hour- Ballroom Dance With Friends, Family and Co-Workers

Would you like to find an exciting and diverse activity to do with friends, family, or co-workers? Have you always wanted to to learn to Swing dance or try out the Country Two Step? Instead of the usual pursuits of hitting happy hour with your buddies, how about learning to dance? Ballroom dancing is an ideal way to connect with loved ones and colleagues and is a great way to alleviate stress, gain confidence, and learn a new hobby together as a group. These days it is a real challenge to find the time to spend with those you are close to and you begin to feel detached from each other. We have the perfect solution-  create your own dance class with loved ones!

It seems that many times it’s hard to find the time to do something entertaining and wholesome with family members, other than going to the movies or playing board games. Organizing a "Create-A-Class" dance class and learning to Tango or Country Swing may solve your search for fun new alternatives to gathering around the boob tube. Dance FX Studios' "Create-A-Class" option is a great opportunity to meet with friends and family, learn to dance and bond, have fun, laugh, and leave all of your worries behind. 

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Dance FX Studios offers "Create-A-Classes" for ballroom dance styles including Swing, Country Two Step and Argentine Tango. There are a variety of options for creating your own class which are a blast and beneficial for everyone involved. You decide which type of dance(s) you would like to learn and you have the option of scheduling class on the day and time that works best for each participant. Scheduling your dance class once a week is ideal for getting results on the dance floor. And keep in mind that learning to dance is a skill that lasts a lifetime. So, at your next family event, everyone will be able to get up and dance- a healthier alternative to snuggling up to a bag of popcorn!

Are you looking for ways to bring your staff closer together? Throughout the week at work, things can get a little stressful, which is not good for anyone or for business. Dancing is an excellent way to de-stress and get the team back on track. It takes you away from your usual environment and allows the team to really open up and have fun! Social dancing helps your group to relate to each other and add a new dimension to your professional relationships. Getting closer with teammates can lead to better understanding, mutual respect, and trust. Who wouldn’t welcome that?

Another idea for a Create-A-Class is as a date night for couples. This is an excellent opportunity for couples to rekindle that spark in their relationship. Setting aside some time for each other is so important and learning to dance can help couples to reconnect. Dance FX Studios has done this for many couples and may we suggest that you and some of your friends add some sizzle and romance with the passionate Argentine tango or a hot Latin dance?  These are just a sample of your options and good choices for becoming more intimate with your partner. 

And let’s not forget about wedding parties! How fun would it be for your entire wedding party to learn to Salsa dance or to Two Step at your wedding? Get your wedding party together each week and learn a fun dance routine for your big day. Dance lessons with friends also provide some time to take a break from all the wedding preparations and stress. Think about the type of wedding you envision- is it traditional, playful, or maybe you have a theme in mind. Whatever your choice, with a Create-A-Class we can help your wedding party to prepare an unforgettable dance for the reception that will captivate and inspire all of your guests!

Create-A-Classes at Dance FX Studios are a fun and affordable way to learn to ballroom dance with friends, co-workers and family. Give us a call at 480.968.6177 to set up your Create-A-Class, Monday-Friday, from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am- 4 pm. Come and see how enjoyable and easy learning to dance can be, especially with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shine on Your Wedding Day!

Getting married soon? Have you thought about what you’re going to do for your first dance? Most wedding couples are so busy planning and making arrangements for the wedding that they forget about this important detail. Well, don’t let that happen to you! If you really want to feel confident and make an impression on this most important day, it’s time to start thinking about taking some dance lessons.

At Dance FX Studios, located in Mesa, AZ, we have helped numerous wedding couples in the Phoenix area prepare for their first dance with wedding dance lessons. To get started, we offer a Wedding Consultation for only $20! This one-hour consultation is the perfect opportunity to see what we can do for you. We will work with you gathering information about your wedding, your vision for your first dance, and teach you a mini lesson. This way, we can ensure that you get exactly what you want for your big day. No matter the style of your wedding, whether it’s classic, playful, or romantic, we will get you ready to really shine on the dance floor at your reception.

We know that the thought of getting out there in front of all your friends and family can be a little scary and intimidating. Instead of stressing out about it, why not be prepared? We will provide you with customized wedding dance lessons, no matter what type of dance and music you prefer. This way, when you first step out on the dance floor, you and your partner will have the confidence and skills to create a magical moment that will last a lifetime.  Give your guests a performance that will dazzle them and that no one will forget.

Have you thought about what type of music and dance you would like for this momentous occasion? Dance FX Studios offers private ballroom dance lessons in everything from Country and Swing to Latin and Argentine tango. Maybe you’re not sure about what you’d like to do for your first dance. That’s OK- we are here to help wedding couples make the best choice. If you’re just not sure, think about some of your favorite songs and which of them would be appropriate for this special moment. Your wedding consultant will help to guide you with making the best selection that’s just right for both of you.

If you are thinking about a classic or traditional wedding, then you may want to focus on learning dances such as the Fox Trot or Waltz. These are timeless dances that mostly everyone knows and can appreciate. And, while you are dancing, caught up in the moment with each other, all eyes will be upon you. Think about the impression you will make!

Maybe you would like to try something a little more passionate or romantic- then one of the Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata or the Argentine tango may be just the ticket for you. These spicy and intimate dances are a great way to really get into the moment! Don’t be surprised if you take your guests’ breath away with these smoldering dances.

Now, here in Arizona, Country dancing is very popular, so the Two Step would be a great choice for your wedding dance. The Country swing is also a fun way to kick up your heels and make everyone take notice! Learn to twist, turn and twirl your way dancing your first dance and throughout the entire evening.

Planning ahead for your first wedding dance before it’s too late. We recommend you begin with wedding dance lessons 4-6 months before the wedding to really become proficient for this very important time in your lives.  This way, when you step out on the dance floor for the first time as a newly married couple, you will feel so confident in your abilities that you will just sparkle!

So, if you have a wedding coming up in the near future, if you are part of the wedding party or if you are going to a wedding, Dance FX Studios can help you to be comfortable and inspirational on any dance floor, not only for this wedding but for a lifetime of events. Give us a call at 480.968.6177 to set up your wedding consultation and come see what we can do for you!