Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What YOU Can Expect from Dance Lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ

To dance or not to dance. Wait a minute...is that really a question!? We think not! Dancing lifts your spirits, unites people from all cultures and is a wonderful way to unwind after a long day. We could go on (and on, in fact) as to why EVERYONE should know how to dance, but we will let you explore more on the benefits of dance on our website.

For now, let's assume that you are done holding up the wall and you are ready to learn to dance. Congratulations...Let the FUN begin! With dance lessons from us, you can get all that you need to conquer any social dance situation with confidence. At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, you will receive one-of-a-kind instruction on how to shine on a dance floor anywhere from a wedding to a Country bar or a Latin club to a corporate holiday party. We will even prepare you for your next cruise or date night. What makes us unique as compared to other ballroom dance studios in Arizona? Dance FX Studios is the only ballroom dance studio in the Phoenix metro area that concentrates specifically on creating social dancers (versus competitive ballroom dancers). We know that most people who would like to dance Salsa, Swing or Country Two Step really want to enjoy dancing on a social level and not look like they are getting ready to join the "Dancing with the Stars" cast. In 2001, we developed a social dance syllabus that enables couples and singles to learn practical dance moves that they can use in the "real world". We also teach navigation tools to help guide your way around a crowded, small dance floor.

Dance FX Studios is all about a fun and relaxed learning environment for you. :) With structured, results-driven dance lessons that include great leading and following tips, you can begin to enjoy dancing anywhere. Going out of town on a business trip? Head over to a local dance venue and see how easy it will be to grab anyone for a dance without skipping a beat. Preparing for a date that she won't soon forget? Dance lessons will help you to sweep her off of her feet.

No longer will liquid courage be required before hitting the dance floor. With dance lessons, you can own your skills on the dance floor soon enough. To get started, try our $40 introductory offer and find out for yourself how dancing can improve the quality of your life. Meet new people, enjoy a hobby that you can use anywhere and build your confidence through dance!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Married? Start Your Lives Together on the Right Foot!

For the perfect final touch to your wedding day, consider a first dance that will blow the socks off of your guests! Long gone are the "prom sway" days. Say hello to a dance that says "I love you" in just the right way. From a Country Western theme to a Big Band affair with a full orchestra, a first dance that represents who you are as a couple, sets the tone for an evening of fun, class, elegance or romance on your wedding day.

Wedding dance lessons are wonderful because they are not that "one more thing" to have to worry about in preparation for the biggest day of your lives. In fact, learning to dance is an amazing outlet for all brides and grooms! How so? Let us elaborate...

Dance Lessons for your wedding are FUN! While this may seem like a stretch for the groom who is  literally being dragged to a ballroom dance studio, trust us, getting ready for your first dance will be the BEST part of your next few months of last-minute to-do's. Think about it, it's either this or picking out flower arrangements. Guys, just being with you on the dance floor will put a smile on your bride-to-be's face. She will be so appreciative that you have given dance lessons a shot, that it will make it all worthwhile. The best part for you courageous men... you actually do get to be in charge... on the dance floor, that is. Yes, on the dance floor, you are the "leader", which makes learning to dance a bit palatable, wouldn't you say? Ladies, you surely need a way to unwind and relax in the midst of all of your wedding day preparations. Give yourself and each other this gift of time together by learning to dance. (Can we say "amen" to that, girls?!)

As you learn to move together as a couple with ease on the dance floor, wedding dance lessons will bring you even closer during this ever-stressful period. Build special memories by learning an original dance created just for you and you will have a hobby to enjoy for years to come. Dancing is romantic, exciting and a playful way to interact with each other. Better than a movie if you ask us...

How do you get started on the right foot for your shining moment on the dance floor? With wedding dance lessons, of course! If you live in the Phoenix metro area in Arizona, give Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ a try when planning to learn to dance for your wedding. At Dance FX Studios, we have been choreographing one-of-a-kind first wedding dances for over a decade. From the passionate Argentine tango to the sassy salsa or the romantic waltz, we can make you shine on your wedding day.

To begin with wedding dance lessons at Dance FX Studios, we offer a one-hour consultation for just $20. In your consultation, we will find out your vision for your first dance as well as other key bits of information that we will need to help you to shine on the dance floor. Your wedding dance consultation will also include dancing so you can see how easy it is to learn to dance.

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is unique to Phoenix in that we offer strictly social dance lessons. If you are wanting to become confident in any social dance situation from date nights to going to clubs with friends or even preparing for corporate events, we are the dance studio for you! We offer a wide variety of social dances from Country two step to swing, salsa and Argentine tango. All of these dances are popular not only in Phoenix, but in most major cities across the U.S.. Learn to become a comfortable dancer for your wedding or just for fun at Dance FX Studios in AZ!