Friday, March 21, 2014

Latin Dance Lessons in Phoenix, Arizona

Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata… Oh, my!

If you've ever been inside a Latin club, you've seen a wide variety of rhythms and movements out on the dance floor. With all that hip action going on, how can you even tell the difference between one dance and another? Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is here to help! We teach everything from Swing dancing to Country dancing to Argentine Tango and other popular and useful Latin dances like Salsa dancing, Cha Cha and Merengue. Let's take a closer look at three of the most popular dances in the Latin scene here in Phoenix so that the next time you visit a Latin dance club, you will know which dance is what. With some private Latin dance lessons with us, you will even be able to get out on that dance floor and shake what your momma gave you with the rest of them!

Salsa Dancing:  Who hasn't heard of the Salsa? Salsa dancing is a fiery, flirty and fun dance, filled with spins and tricks to keep you and your partner entertained. Contrary to popular thought, Salsa dancing is mid-tempo, rather than on the fastest end of Latin dance styles. It had a tricky beat to hear at first, which is why those Latin dance lessons with us here at Dance FX Studios will come in handy. :) When will you use your Salsa dancing? Well if you live here in Phoenix with us, you can find a variety of Latin dance clubs around town. One of our favorite places to go Salsa dancing is Pepin in Scottsdale, AZ. Since Salsa music will come on about 60% of the time in a Latin dance club, it is a must-have dance that will be so much fun to learn and use.

Bachata: Bachata is more recently a very hot and steamy (and very useful) Latin dance in the Phoenix Latin dance scene. As another mid-tempo dance, the Bachata gives you a chance to hold your partner tight and profess your attraction to each other right there on the dance floor with a bunch of sultry and sexy moves. Again, lots of hips are involved, so get prepared for learning to shake them with a few Bachata dance lessons.

Merengue: Merengue is the most playful and easy of the three Latin dances. It involves marching to a very basic beat, which one can easily clap along to. What is great about learning to dance Merengue is that it is so basic that anyone can do it. What makes it a great dance is the fun arm movements that make it look complicated, even though it's not. Learn to dance Merengue and you can quickly fit into any Latin dance scene with ease.

Latin dance lessons are an awesome way to add some spice into your life. Grab your special someone or meet a new friend on the dance floor at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Get started with a private introductory Latin dance lesson to see how easy it can be to get out to those clubs in no time!

Improve Your Life With Ballroom Dance Lessons

Summer's approaching and the time is now for getting into shape for bathing suit season. What's that? You can't stand working out? You loathe the idea of hitting the gym? You'd rather be plump and happy? Well, we do we have the perfect solution for you! Why not give Salsa or Swing dance lessons a try? Learning to dance is not only an incredible way to get physically fit, but you can also improve yourself in so many other ways. Let's explore:

Ballroom dancing gives you energy!: That's right, skip your 3 pm Red Bull and book a private Country or Latin dance lesson instead. Watch your mood improve and your energy rise as your body releases endorphins, powering you through the end of the afternoon into the evening. Ballroom dance lessons, especially private dance lessons, in dances ranging from the sultry Argentine Tango to the playful Country Swing, will get that heart racing and blood pumping after a day of much needed stress relief. If you are one of millions of Americans who don't tend to themselves after hellish days on the job, this is the perfect way to let go and recharge your battery. From here, you will Waltz out of the dance studio feeling revived and ready to take on the kids and household duties.

Dance lessons help you to unwind: Give Country Two Step dance lessons a try and see if you can focus on those reports that are due at the end of the week. It's simply not possible. Not only do you need to focus on the task at hand while you are learning to lead or follow on the dance floor, but you can also very easily get swept away on your dance lesson, giving you a chance to leave those everyday stresses behind. How great is that!? A healthy distraction is never a bad thing!

Ballroom dancing helps you to connect: Get closer with your special someone or meet new friends at your next ballroom dance lesson and see how dancing really can enhance your connection with others. Staying connected with others has proven to be not only necessary, but essential, for a long and happy life. With your spouse or significant other, dancing can add that extra element of passion on top of it all. More romance makes for a happier, long-lasting couple, that is for sure. If you are looking for that special someone, a romantic Bachata dance or Bolero will surely help you to develop a more instant connection with a friendly, new face.

If you are intrigued with how ballroom dancing can enhance your life, come try a private introductory dance lesson with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Dance FX Studios has been here in the Phoenix Valley for over a decade and would love to show you how dancing can help you to become a happier, healthier person. From Cha Cha to Foxtrot dance lessons, you will see how life really is more fun once you know how to dance.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Perfect Touch for Your Arizona Wedding!

Calling all brides and grooms! Are you in the middle of planning a wedding here in Phoenix, Arizona? How exciting! Cake tasting, venue viewing and dress and tux shopping are probably on your to-do list, but what about wedding dance lessons? It may not seem as crucial as picking the bouquet or guest list, but it is a very special and important part of your big day. It serves as a gift to you and your guests alike: you and your spouse-to-be will be able to use what you learn in your wedding dance lessons throughout your new lives together, and your guests will enjoy a personal, intimate moment that you have decided to share with them. 

A romantic, elegant or playful first dance is the perfect touch to kick off your reception and set the tone for your party. In the East Valley of Phoenix, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ has choreographed and perfected thousands of first dances over the past 13 years! Whether you are looking for some Country Two Step dance moves to show off at your Country themed wedding or you want a flashy, sexy Argentine Tango dance to impress your guests, Dance FX Studios would love to be a part of your big day. Are you thinking dance lessons would be perfect for you? Here’s what you can do to prepare and get more ideas for your special moment:

1. Contact us at Dance FX Studios today!: Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, AZ, just off the 101 highway in the Phoenix East Valley. We have proudly choreographed wedding first dances for brides and grooms for over a decade. It would be our pleasure to help you to learn to dance as well! To show you what we can do for you, schedule a wedding dance consultation as soon as possible. We will help you to pick out the perfect music that says what you want to say on your wedding day. From the classic Frank Sinatra tunes to Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango or an elegant Waltz, we do it all with your personality and vision in mind. We also take note of your venue selection, dress and tux plans, any themes you have in mind and more!

2. Research other wedding dance routines for ideas: Our website or Youtube are both great resources for seeing what you like and what you don’t like in a first dance. Over the years, we have choreographed everything from Bollywood to Gangnam Style and Swing to Tango. Remember that with a customized first dance at Dance FX Studios, the sky is the limit! You can include your entire bridal party or make it special for just the two of you. We really have done it all.

3. Make time to learn to dance!: Be realistic with how long it may take you to learn a new skill that you may not have tried before. If you are looking for a simple, polished first dance, give yourself at least month of lessons a few nights a week. If you’re planning on a customized choreographed dance routine, something that will really blow your friends and family away, give yourself a few months to make sure you a ready to rock it! Dance lessons for couples are a wonderful way to re-connect after a long day of work and during stressful times like planning for a wedding. Give yourselves the gift of dance to see how you can glide into your wedding day with ease.

Set up your wedding dance consultation today at Dance FX Studios to discover how dancing can be the perfect touch to your big day. We will give you a dance to remember and a hobby to enjoy for years to come! Our Wedding Consultation is just $20, and we are sure you will feel confident and at ease when you let us be a part of your wedding. Give us a call at 480.968.6177 or visit us today.

Social Dancing Around Phoenix, AZ

We at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona believe that practicing and applying what you learn in your private dance lessons is the very best way to improve your dancing skills and to become a more confident dancer – so long as you are practicing correctly. Along the way in your dance lesson plan with us, you may get homework assignments that are tools for you to grow as a dancer. A frequent assignment is – go out dancing around Phoenix!! Going to your favorite Country bar and practicing your Country Two Step turns and Swing moves will help you become more comfortable out on the dance floor, as will going to Latin clubs and working on your Tango or Salsa moves. But what if you are still nervous and shy, worried about practicing incorrectly and messing up what you’ve learned in your dance lessons? Don’t stress! Our Nights Out and In House Parties are the perfect way to practice and let loose, while making sure that you are dancing correctly. How will you know that you are doing it right on the dance floor?, you may be wondering. Well, all of your instructors will be present to help you at any of Dance FX Studios' events so that you don't have to figure out your new skill by yourself.

 Join Dance FX Studios’ staff and students at local Country and Latin dance venues around the Phoenix metro area for an evening of dancing and FUN in our Nights Out! Since Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, Arizona, and our students come from all over the East Valley, we like to take our party to different venues in the Valley during Dance FX Studios' Nights Out, ensuring variety and ease for all of our students.

Experience your first time out dancing with the comfort of instructors and fellow students of dance by your side. Learn to navigate around a crowded dance floor and enjoy social dancing with new friends and familiar faces as we venture out as a group.

A Night Out with the Dance FX Studios’ staff includes a group dance class at 8 pm before we head out dancing, your first drink at the dance venue and MORE dancing with Dance FX Studios’ instructors and fellow students until 11 pm. Dates and venues vary, but fun is included every time!

Our In-House Parties also include a group dance class, from Salsa to Swing dancing, followed by dancing until 11 pm. Oftentimes, we have a live Country, Swing or Latin band come to our studio on Saturday nights and the studio becomes a party place with great music, desserts, and dancing! You will have the comfort of the studio and sprung maple floor that you take your lessons on, but with the freedom to enjoy a live band and use what you learn in a “real life” dancing situation. You can invite a partner or friends as well as have fun dancing with fellow single students. 

Every party is a hit, whether it is here at the studio or out and about. Our next In House Party is a Country Dance Party on April 12, 2014  from 8 pm to 11 pm. Two-bit Shotgun will be providing some great Country dance tunes, and you and other students will be providing the moves! Parties are even BYOB so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without having to pay bar prices.

Join Dance FX Studios’  Night Out Group through Dance FX Studios' Facebook page to get in on the fun! Once upcoming dates are set, you can reserve a space online for an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Your Dance FX Studios’ instructors will give you amazingdance pointers on a “real” dance floor where the music and other dancers are beyond our control. See how to be strategic with your dance moves in a real-world situation so you can be prepared for any dance occasion in the future. Have some FUN and come out social dancing with us!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Zumba Rocks at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ!

Zumba fitness classes are all the rage at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! Fun-seeking, healthy people from all over the Phoenix East Valley have been coming to our studio to get their groove on for years. Zumba fitness is a unique, energetic approach to combining a cardio and targeted toning fitness workout with dance. Belly dancing, Latin dances, Country dancing and International music all fuse together and create an hour-long class that people everywhere are addicted to! Every Zumba class is like a dance party, and our awesome Zumba instructors are positive and encouraging, keeping the whole class pumped and enjoying a workout like they never thought possible!

Zumba has a way of making you forget you are working out with sexy but simple moves to dance music like Cha Cha, Salsa, Reggaeton, Bachata and more. Best of all, you don’t need any previous dance experience! It is fun AND effective; it uses interval training combining fast and slow rhythms to give you an excellent aerobic workout and keep you on your toes. Our instructors select different target zones to focus on for each class. Zumba Toning is an especially great way to shape your arms, legs, abs, back, and booty! If you have old injuries or don’t feel comfortable doing certain movements, don’t stress. The instructors at Dance FX Studios here in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ make sure each and every person in their class is comfortable, happy, and safe!

The Zumba workout is basically  a “watch and follow” type of fitness class. The moves are repeated often enough for you to catch on to and they’re not complicated. For those of you who are nervous to join in with the “regulars”, know that routines are repeated week after week with additions every now and then to spice things up!

Zumba fitness has become an international sensation, and for good reason! Even those who loathe working out find themselves working up a sweat and having fun with this high impact dance-based workout. There’s nothing like cranking up the music and letting your body go. Zumba does just that, not only giving you a workout, but also serving as an outlet for stress and tension and letting you express yourself.

Zumba is a fun way to get in shape for the swimsuit months that are coming so quickly (why is it already 80 degrees??).  We have multiple packages and a low drop-in price, so you can fit and have fun whatever your budget allows! We have three classes a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6 pm and Saturdays at 10 am. You can beat the weekday humdrum and start your weekend off right with us every week! Visit our Zumba page on our website today to find out more, or call us at 480.968.6177 today!

Have Fun and Dance in Arizona!

Do you need something fun and exciting to get you up off the couch? A new hobby that is more exciting than watching Netflix in your sweats? Social dancing is a stimulating, challenging, and engaging hobby! You will get a lot more entertainment and enjoyment out of dancing than you would binge-watching Breaking Bad. Plus, you know that you have always wanted to learn to Country Two Step, Salsa or Argentine Tango dance. 

Dancing is an important investment in yourself and your partner. You will never lose the skills you learn and the memories you make. You will have a new hobby that lasts a lifetime-one that you only get better in the more you age. How cool is that!? We all deserve fun hobbies that serve as an outlet for stress relief and smiles, and ballroom dancing on a social level is just that. At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, you can obtain the skills and confidence you need and want to dance your nights away! We are located on Dobson and Guadalupe just off the 101, in the Phoenix East Valley, situated perfectly amongst several local cities including Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler and Scottsdale, AZ.

Social dancing is not only fun while out dancing in clubs and bars, but we work hard to make your private dance lessons enjoyable and engaging here in the studio as well. We like to provide a stress-relieving environment where men and women from 18 to 80 invest in themselves by taking dance lessons in every social dance from Swing to Cha Cha. In group dance classes and during our dance parties with live music, students socialize with each other and enjoy sharing their progress on the dance floor by practicing together. The camaraderie of Dance FX Studios' students and staff alike is one of many aspects of our studio that set us apart.

Taking a chance and learning something new can be tough or scary for some of us. We understand that change can be hard and learning new skills can be difficult, so we tailor every dance lesson plan and program to the individual student and their needs, goals, and learning capabilities. With over a decade of experience, the Dance FX Studios team has the knowledge and desire to keep every student comfortable and satisfied. With so many types of dances to choose from, from the sexy Salsa to the boot-scootin’ AZ Two Step, you are sure to find something that suits you!

Not only do we have many types and styles of dances for you to learn, but we have many different ways you can learn as well. Our Private Dance Lessons are the best way for you to become a confident and capable dancer in the shortest amount of time. You will get the undivided attention of your instructor with personalized lessons, which is the best way to learn. 

We also have couples’ Group Dance Classes four nights a week, where you and a partner can learn to Country Two Step, Salsa, Jitterbug, and Country Swing. Group classes are a great way to have fun with your partner and learn the basics of any of these four dances! No matter what you are interested in or where you see yourself dancing, if you live in Arizona, our private lesson Introductory Offer is a great first step! For just $40, you get a full hour to learn new dance steps and set dancing goals with your instructor. You will fall in love with your new skills on the dance floor, and from there the fun just begins!

Dance Tips for Social Ballroom Dancers in Arizona

Social ballroom dancing, including Country Two Step, Salsa, Argentine Tango and Swing dancing,  is a wonderful hobby for couples and singles to explore. You learn about yourself and your partner, get a little exercise, relieve stress, and enjoy some new! Private dance lessons are a great way for beginners and advanced dancers to grow in their dance skills. Dance lessons should be structured, detailed and FUN! With a great dance instructor, you are sure to grow quickly and get out on the dance floor in no time.  But what about when you are out at a club or bar? When you are applying the steps and skills your instructor taught you, finding dance partners or enjoying your spouse or partner in the “real world”? We make a point at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona of teaching our students dance floor etiquette and giving them tips to stay safe and smiling on the dance floor anywhere from a crowded Salsa club to a wedding. In any type of dance lesson, from the Country Two Step to the Jitterbug, and more, we incorporate social dancing skills into each of your private dance lessons. 

Here are just a few of the tips that every social dancer must know:
  •   Gentlemen, when you spot a lady that you would like to dance with, keep your invitation to the dance floor simple and polite. “Care to dance?”, “Would you like to dance?”, and “May I have this dance?” are all nice ways to ask a lady to the floor. Unless she requests it, avoid asking the same person to dance several times in a row. Invite different women to the dance with you so as to improve the social dynamics of a dance and practice leading different types of followers. This will vastly improve your ability to ultimately lead anyone, anytime as your confidence increases through time and experience.
  •   Ladies, do not be afraid to ask a guy (or a few!) to dance. Enjoy yourself and practice following the lead of men with different skill levels and styles. You should only decline a dance if you need a rest, promised the dance to someone else, or haven’t learned the dance (men, take note of this as well!). If someone declines you a dance, don’t get discouraged, just find a different partner.
  •  If you are leading a lady around the dance floor, guys, be sure to keep her safe and comfortable. Lead her in an area where she won’t back into someone or be run into by another dancer on the floor. Avoid any lifts or low dips, especially if the floor is crowded or you aren’t a seasoned dancer. Girls, take small steps and let the man lead you to a spot where he feels comfortable and confident. Partner dancing is all about communication and cooperation, so pay attention to each other and ladies, follow his lead.
  •   Make sure to make eye contact with your partner throughout the dance. You don’t have to stare them down, but staring at your feet is a no-go, too! Be warm, positive, and friendly; you and your partner are both out to enjoy yourselves! Make the most of it!
  •    If your partner is more advanced than you or is stumbling a little, don’t stress! Everybody starts somewhere, so dance to your partner’s level and be patient. Ladies, avoid leading, even if the guy seems to have no idea, because leading is his job on the dance floor. He could be shy, and what better way to practice than on the floor with a positive, patient woman? Both ladies and gents, avoid teaching your partner during a social dance if your partner doesn’t ask, because this can make your partner feel uncomfortable or frustrated. Again, you are both out dancing to enjoy yourself and have FUN!
  •   At the end of a dance, be sure to lead your lady back to where she was sitting before, and thank each other for the dance.
If you follow these guidelines on the dance floor, chances are you will have more fun and make your partner more comfortable on the dance floor. If you haven’t started up with private dance lessons yet, we can help you learn key tips and techniques to the dances you want to learn, like the Country Swing or Bachata. Tips like these to keep you dancing the night away happily. Our $40 Introductory Offer will give you a taste of how great dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios in Phoenix, Arizona can be!Within a short amount of time, you will be able to tackle any social dance floor with confidence and ease.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Real Men Two-Step

We at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona are avid Country dance fans! Anything from the AZ Two-Step to Country Swing, we just love the fun, energetic dances that come along with Country music. So let's talk about a few of the different boot-scootin' dances that you can whip out at your favorite Country dance bar!

AZ Two-Step

Arizona Two-Step is a great dance for your mid to fast-tempo songs. Think along the lines of "Wagon Wheel," "How Bout Them Cowgirls," or "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy", to name a few popular Country dance songs out today. These songs keep a comfortable walking pace and are fantastic for the relaxed, but fun feel of  the Country Two-Step. This is a dance that can look and feel effortless while still keeping your partner entertained!

Country Swing

Country Swing is a super exciting dance for your uptempo songs! With lots of turns and pivoting around your partner, the Country Swing is the perfect choice for crowded dance floor and fast beats. Songs like "Guitars and Tiki Bars," "Knee Deep," and "She's Country" are a few examples of the tempo you want to look for. Just be sure to take your Cowboy hat off before you try all those spins and twirls!

Country Nite Club

Country Nite Club is our (and your!) go-to slow dance. It's a romantic, smooth dance that can be simple and beautiful, or a bit showier, depending on your personal style. It matches just about any genre, but fits incredibly well with songs like "Bless the Broken Road," "I Do (Cherish You)," and "Desperately". With smooth gliding steps and a nice closed embrace, Nite Club 2 Step is basically a grown up version of what we like to call "the 8th grade sway."

Country dancing is pretty much a staple in the greater Phoenix area. The best way to hone your skills and gain confidence on the dance floor is through private dance lessons here at Dance FX Studios in Arizona. We can even introduce you to other country dances like the Country Waltz and West Coast Swing if you want to become a Country dance superstar! We are just minutes away from Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler,AZ but anyone from Queen Creek to Flagstaff is welcome to come try out lessons with us. Country isn't your thing? We also teach Latin, Swing, Ballroom, and Argentine Tango, so anyone can find the dance that's right for them.

Looking for a place to practice your new skills? Check out our Country Dance Party on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Live music, a Country Swing Lesson, treats, and a night full of dance si what you can expect! Get your tickets today for just $15 per person and enjoy an evening of fun with us!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Learn A Wedding Dance, Made Just for You!

Planning a wedding takes heaps of time, patience, creativity, and decision-making. Picking the cake, flowers, venue, guest list, etc… The list goes on, as we are sure you know! If wedding dance lessons are on your list and you live here in Phoenix, Arizona,  one of Dance FX Studios' wedding dance choreographers can help! Our Wedding Dance Consultation gives you a full hour to discuss your vision for the perfect first dance for you, along with plans for your wedding day including the dimensions of your dance floor and more key information that will help us prepare the ideal wedding dance for you. We will also take you and your fiance  out on the dance floor to learn some useful new moves in preparation for your wedding dance. Dance FX Studios' Wedding Dance Consultation is just $20! 

Your venue, song choice, dress type, shoes, and so much more all have an impact on what your dance can include and look like. During your first dance consultation, we will get to know that information in addition to your personalities to help create a customized first dance that suits both of you. If you live anywhere near Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, or other cities in the East Valley, we are the place for you!

Your first dance as husband and wife is a significant part of your wedding day. It can set the tone for the remainder of your reception and will reveal your true connection with your new spouse. Song choice, therefore, is very important. Some aspects of your first dance song that you should be aware of are the lyrics, tempo, and rhythm.  These aspects will help to set the mood and give your guests a glimpse of you both as a couple. We have a wide selection of wedding songs (if you don’t already have one in mind) and plenty of years of experience to help you make the right choice!

Along with your first dance song selection, Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ can also assist you with customized choreography. Whether you would like a simple and elegant first dance or a "Rock your Reception" style of dance that may include Swing dancing, Argentine Tango or even Salsa, we have done it all! Dance FX Studios has choreographed wedding dances for thousands of couples over the years, so rest assured that you will be in good hands.

Taking private wedding dance lessons with your fiancĂ© can serve as a time for relieving stress and connecting with each other in the midst of the wedding-planning mayhem. It is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy (even if you aren’t planning the big day!), and we love being a positive part of our students’ lives. Dancing burns calories, tones muscle, and releases endorphins in your brain – the perfect combination for pre-wedding stress!

When you come in for your wedding consultation, we want to maximize your experience. It is important to come prepared to get the most out of your visit. Be sure to bring any song choices you think of, reception venue information, pictures of your wedding dress and shoes, your availability for taking lessons up until the big day, and any details of the ceremony and reception that you want to tie in to your first dance. For more information regarding your Wedding Dance Consultation, you can visit our website or call or visit us today!

Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Practice Ideas to Improve Your Social Dancing

Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we highly encourage our students to practice what they have learned in their private dance lessons outside of the studio. But HOW do you practice? Ah, that is a wonderful question that we are happy to help you with! Whether you're trying your hand at Latin dance lessons, Swing, Tango, or Country dancing, here are a few tips for what you should be doing outside of your private lessons or group dance classes to see some great improvements:

1. Practice counting music

Counting music is an incredibly important aspect of dancing. If you aren't a natural at hearing beats of music, private dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios are a great asset. Your instructor can give you the tools to find the beat in multiple types of music, from the Foxtrot to the Tango. After this, try to count any music you hear. At the gym, while cleaning the house, in an elevator - anywhere there is music playing - try to find the beat! With enough time, assistance and effort, hearing the music in all of your favorite dances becomes second nature.

2. Walk through your footwork

Is that underarm turn giving you a hard time? Go through the steps over and over until you no longer have to think about it. Repetition is the key to success here, so walk through your footwork until it feels natural. Just remember to take nice, small steps while you're dancing up a storm in your kitchen.

3. Shadow dance

It's difficult to practice lead and follow without a partner, but you can get serious benefits from shadow dancing. How does one shadow dance, you ask? Pretend you have a partner in front of you! Hold your dance frame as you would with a partner and pretend you are leading/following them. This trains you to maintain a solid frame while giving you a chance to practice leading techniques on your own.

4. Dance with a comfortable partner

The best way to practice is ultimately with another person. If you have a go-to partner (s.o. or otherwise), practice together in a comfortable environment. This is the time to try out any new moves or techniques you want to work on without feeling intimidated.

5. Dance with a NEW partner

Once you're pretty comfortable with your moves, it's time to dance with a new partner. The true test of your lead or follow is to give it a whirl with someone you don't know. The goal is to be able to dance with anyone, right? So grab a friendly looking stranger at that salsa club and give it a shot.

Ultimately, dancing is not about just getting your footwork down, so the sooner you feel comfortable with those feet, the sooner we can show you all of the cool stuff that you can do with your body. From turns to wraps, you can truly enjoy social dancing once your feet are on auto-pilot and you can focus on leading and following. That's when the fun really begins...

These are all fun, simple ways to improve your dancing faster along with your private dance lessons. Private dance lessons will give you the tools you need to be able to practice at home and enjoy any social dance floor, so if you live in the greater Phoenix area, come check us out! We are located in Mesa, Arizona, near Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Phoenix, just off the 60 and the 101 freeways. If private lessons aren't for you, we also have awesome group dance classes and rockin' Zumba fitness classes throughout the week. Let's get you on that dance floor!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dance Your Way to Improved Flexibility

The physical benefits of dancing have been discussed in many of our blogs, touching on how dancing can improve your muscle tone, coordination, and even provide some cardio work in more rigorous dances. We have also mentioned how your flexibility can be improved when you dance, and today we will discuss this a little further. Flexibility is something that many of us fail to maintain. We all lose some of our flexibility as our bodies age, but dancing can help you stay flexible and discover how important it is to maintain the elasticity and resilience of your muscles. At Dance FX Studios, we make sure that our students stay healthy and comfortable while becoming skilled social dancers, and stretching is a very important aspect of a dancer’s regime. 

Without regular stretching and exercise, you can lose flexibility in your joints and muscles as the years pass by. Stiffness begins to build up and can prevent you from doing everyday tasks safely and comfortably. Arthritis can manifest when this happens, and this is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. Dancing requires you to move your whole body, exercising various muscles and getting them to move in all directions, improving your flexibility and muscle tone. Dance with big, sweeping movements like those in the Argentine Tango, stretch your muscles and joints. Those with faster, smaller movements like the Country Swing require quicker, shorter muscle contractions, which aid in agility and resilience. Variety is the spice of life; learning multiple dances will give your body the most benefit and will also keep you and your mind on your toes.
Spine flexibility is another aspect of muscle and joint health that we often leave by the wayside. Between school, desk jobs, watching TV, and other sedentary acts of our technological modern lives, our spines and necks are many times out of alignment and out of shape. This can cause pain and discomfort in people of all ages. Ballroom dancing can help! With proper dancing in lessons, you can work your core muscles and strengthen your spine and neck’s support system. Constant weight shifting, changing direction, and whole body movements will improve your balance while exercising your core muscles, neck, and spine. The movements required on the dance floor will move your muscles, as will the stretching exercises you do off the dance floor, improving flexibility in no time!

You will quickly see improvements in joints, muscles, and ligaments all over your body when you take regular lessons and stretch consistently at home. Different types of dances require different muscle movements and body positions, so by learning and practicing multiple dances, you can experience a larger spectrum of benefits. The sweeping Tango, quick Country Two Step, and fun Jitterbug all offer a different type of exercise and benefits. No matter what type of dance you want to learn, your body will improve after continuous lessons! Try our $40 Introductory Offer to get a taste of what dance has to offer, or if you know you want to jump right in, take a look at our specials on our Gift Cards page. Today is the day to get up off your couch or chair and get moving, so call us today!