Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why Private Dance Lessons are Better Than Group Classes

Dancing in general is great fun. Ballroom dancing with your partner is even more exciting! But ladies...if you really want to enjoy your time on the dance floor with your man, take private dance lessons together first. "Why private dance lessons over group classes", you may ask? Well, let us explain.

1. With private dance instruction, you will get one-on-one time with your instructor. For your fearless leader, "knowing" what to do on the dance floor will help to build his confidence. Your instructor will be able to give all of the details that you specifically need to be comfortable dancers. All of the attention will be put on you and what you want and need in your dancing journey.

2. Private lessons are suited to your schedule. You're busy. We know that. Dancing after work is a great way to unwind, but sometimes other things get in the way. It's life, it happens. Group dance classes are usually only held in the evenings because it is convenient for most people. However, evenings may not be one hundred percent convenient for you. Private dance lessons, made by appointment, allow you to decide when you want to come in, day or night.

3. The fastest way to become a great social dancer is private lessons. Group classes are great as supplements for your dancing. They're good for dance practice and can even give you some review and coverage on steps that you may have been confused about before. But, becoming a comfortable and confident dancer won't happen in four days spread out across a month. Private lessons allow you to come in more often, so you can cover more new steps and take less time reviewing the old stuff.

Learning to dance before getting on to the dance floor is the most important thing. Dancing is a great way to connect with your loved one and it's healthy for you too! If it's something you are really interested in and want to become confident and comfortable on the dance floor, take a tip from the pros and begin with private dance lessons. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ offers a great introductory offer for just $40 to get started so what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!

How to Prepare for a Night of Country Dancing

Country dancing here in Phoenix, AZ is a blast! When it comes to going out Country dancing, you might be at a loss regarding what to wear. While there are no set rules, there are a few things you should consider before you slip on your favorite high heels and that little black dress.  Regardless of what you end up choosing, you will want to be comfortable. Here are a couple quick tips I have learned might just turn a dressing disaster into a dancing success.

  1. Remember that no matter what the season is, you are probably going to find yourself getting very warm (especially in Arizona). Wearing layers or cumbersome clothing is only going to turn up the temperature while dancing, making it harder to move.
  2. You are going to be doing a lot of spinning, dipping and turning all over the dance floor, so finding something to wear that will not need to be constantly readjusted will be to your benefit.
  3. As far as dipping is aware that one, or even both, of your legs could end up in the air. To play it safe, wear a pair of spandex under your skirt or dress or even choosing shorts over a mini skirt might save you from a little embarrassment.
  4. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Long, dangly necklaces or earrings have a tendency to become a hazard to you or your partner during spins or turns. Large rings also end up scratching or getting caught on clothing, and bracelets become a nuisance when a leader is trying to do various moves with you. Keeping it simple is always the best bet.
  5. When it comes to shoes, wearing something that you are comfortable in is an absolute must. They must also be slip resistant. When Country dancing, I like to wear my leather bottom boots. They are comfortable, and the leather soles make for easy turns. Mary Janes can also be an alternative because the strap will ensure that they won’t slip off and they can usually be worn longer because they are typically not a very high heel.

  1. When it comes down to it, you also just want to be comfortable. A tee shirt or a short sleeved button up shirt looks nice with a pair of jeans or slacks. The short sleeves also keep the temperature down.
  2. If you find yourself worried about perspiration, wear an undershirt, or bring a few different shirts that you can change into throughout the night.
  3. As far as shoes go, leather bottom boots are usually the best bet, but a pair of tennis shoes also works. Flip Flops will usually end up getting in the way or falling off while dancing.
  4. If you end up wearing a hat, be sure to make adjustments in your dancing so that it doesn’t get knocked off!

All in all, with a little consideration, you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning on the dance floor. Comfort is key, and with these helpful hints, your night out country dancing will be a success! 

If you want to be even more prepared for a fun night of Country dancing and you happen to be in Phoenix, visit Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for some Country dance lessons. With some helpful tips from the pros, you can enjoy your dancing even more!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preparing for Wedding Dance Lessons

A customized wedding dance is the perfect touch to any wedding. Impress your relatives and friends alike with a wedding dance routine that will blow them away! Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom sway back and forth for 3 to 4 minutes? Boooorrring! The "prom sway" is a thing of the past as brides and grooms are getting creative in their first dances. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, we have choreographed first dances for over a decade. From the cheesy 80's Swing dance routine to Journey to the sophisticated and elegant ballroom Foxtrot to Frank Sinatra, we have done it all!

To get started with the perfect wedding dance for you and your fiance, we recommend setting up a wedding dance consultation. Do your research to find a place that has video examples and testimonials from clients as to how their experience was at that particular dance studio. Now that you have set up your appointment, here are our top 3 suggestions on how to prepare for your first ballroom dance lesson:

1. Bring a few song ideas that you would enjoy dancing to in your first dance. While any ballroom dance studio that offers wedding dance lessons should have a huge song list for you to explore, it never hurts to come prepared with music that you personally like. From there, your consultant can get a better feel for your style in music and better direct you from there.

2. Have a rough vision of how you see yourselves dancing in your first dance. Do you want to do a funky Salsa or a sexy Argentine Tango? Would you like something smooth and classy like a Waltz? The choice is yours, but do a little research online to see what you like and what you don't like so that you can have the perfect first dance for you.

3. Bring a photo of your dress, shoes and even the dance floor from your wedding venue if possible. The more information you can give your dance instructor, the better prepared you will be for your wedding dance.

Make your first dance magical-it's your big day! For wedding dance lessons in the Phoenix area, give Dance FX Studios a try. We have experience, knowledge and creativity all wrapped into a fun and relaxed environment. Neighboring cities to Dance FX Studios include Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale so we are convenient for most Phoenix residents. Need help with your first dance? We will help you shine on your wedding day.