Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heat Up Your Winter With Latin Dance Lessons!

Singles and couples, make this winter season sizzle with Latin dance lessons! Discover hot Latin dance styles including Salsa, Bachata, Bolero and Kizomba and watch your love life transform as you shake your hips into 2015!

Latin dancing is sensual, romantic and exciting! Why not get started now on a new and healthy way to meet others or to deepen your connection with someone special? Beginner dancers, don't fear! Everyone starts somewhere in their quest to become a confident Latin dancer. For Phoenix residents, come check us out at Dance FX Studios for Latin dance lessons for beginners and beyond. We have a wonderful New Student Offer that will help you to get started with the basics of those popular dances that you see out in the clubs. Which dances are those? Here are the top three dances that we suggest you learn first if you're interested in learning to Latin dance in Arizona:

1. Salsa: Salsa is a must-have Latin dance that dominates the club scene as the most popular dance in the last decade here in Arizona. Salsa dancing is actually quite easy to learn. What may be a bit tricky is feeling relaxed enough to get those hips moving so you can look the part and not just march through steps without style. Salsa dancing is great fun and also involves lots of turning, which makes most women very happy on the dance floor. Learn to Salsa dance and you will enjoy an evening out without much of a chance to sit on the sidelines. This useful dance will encourage playfulness and sass, the perfect combination for flirty fun!

2. Bachata: Bachata is hot, hot, hot! Steam up any dance floor with the Bachata and all of its sensual movements. This dance is truly for lovers and those who want to get to know each other even more. The Bachata in its most basic form is also easy to learn, but again, what makes it special is the accompanying style that matches the dance. Know how to dance Bachata and you will find many opportunities in the Phoenix area to go out and use this dance.

3. Merengue: Of all the Latin dances, Merengue is the easiest. Get the body wiggling and you too can have fun with this spirited Latin dance. The Merengue, like the Bachata and Salsa, includes a ton of cool moves and variations that will keep you on the dance floor all night long. If you can march, you can Merengue!

If you live in the southwest, knowing how to Latin dance is a great skill to have. No need to stress your way through the holidays this year, relax with dance lessons! Dance FX Studios is located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway. We are available for private and group Latin dance lessons  six days a week for your convenience. Give us a call today to begin your dancing journey!

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