Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hottest Country Dances Now

Do you know how to Country dance? If not, you're missing out on one of the most cool and useful things to do that are hot right now. Country dancing here in Arizona is as popular as ever! With bars like Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row in Scottsdale, Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek and San Tan Flat in Queen Creek, takers can go Country dancing almost anywhere in Phoenix. Before you get on the dance floor yourself though, get a few private Country dance lessons under your belt to make your experience that much more fun!

What dances should you request to learn in your Country dance lessons? Here are the most popular must-have dances and a little about why you should know them prior to making your way onto the dance floor.

Country Two Step: The Country Two Step is your staple mid-tempo Country dance that will be used about 50% of the time when you go Country dancing. The basics are easy to learn and the dance is literally based on walking, so if you can shuffle your feet in four directions, you can learn to Country Two Step in no time. What makes this dance exciting and key to know is that there are many fun turns and variations of the basic elements that "spruce up" the Two Step. What may seem basic can evolve into something really lively with some Country dance instruction. Keep this on your list of dances to ask for when taking lessons so that you can have all of your bases covered on the dance floor.

Country Swing: Country Swing right now is the most popular Country dance in Arizona to know! Everyone seems to want to learn all of the exciting flips, dips and tricks that Country Swing can offer. My suggestion? Start with the basics. Learn the timing of the dance and how to apply it to a social dance floor. Explore with a qualified instructor how to dance while being mindful of others so that no one gets hurt. Discover appropriate moves that will keep your partner's arms in their sockets while still having a good time. Be safe, not just trendy.

What is wonderful about the Country Swing is that knowing it means that you can also use this dance and apply it to different genres of music with just a few tweaks. Swing is a need-to-know Country dance that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Line Dancing: If you're getting ready to sign up for Country dance lessons, it is not a bad idea to also ask if your instructor can show you a few popular Line dances. Right now, the Wobble Baby, Copperhead Road and the Cupid Shuffle are in style. While all of these are not necessarily Country dances, they are being played often at the Country bars, making them must-have's and therefore added to the list.

Line dancing is good to know for several reasons. First, if your partner isn't in the mood to dance, or if you don't have a set dance partner, Line dancing allows you to get up and have fun anyway. No need to rely on anyone else to dance for Line dancing! Also, many of the Line dances have elements in them that you can use for freestyle, or solo dancing, in general. Line dancing is a great stress reliever and allows you to join in the fun with others freely.

Now that you know more about which dances to learn, come try out Dance FX Studio's New Student Offer for lessons. We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off of the 101 highway, making us easy for anyone in the Valley to come and check us out. Private Country dance lessons are available to you through us six days a week by appointment. Give us a call at 480-968-6177 to set up your introductory lesson and let the fun begin!

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