Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Reasons Why Dancing Is Better Than The Gym

Happy New Year! It's time to get fit and ready for a year of fun, health and adventure. What's on your list of resolutions in 2015? If you would like an energy-filled year, jam-packed with new friends and good times, then have we got the perfect activity for you this year...Social Partner Dancing

Social partner dances include Country Two Step, Salsa, Swing and even the sexy Argentine Tango. Expand your skill-set this year and take on a hobby that will lift your spirit and shrink your waistline. Two Step your way into an exciting year and also watch your stress levels decrease and your memory improve. How cool is that!? Why learn to dance? Well...

  1. It’s REALLY fun!  You have got to admit that dancing with a person is a lot more fun than lifting weights at the gym monotonously. Sharing good times with others is a great way to burn off stress and feel more alive. Think of how fun it will be to check out a Latin dance club and actually be able to go out and dance the Salsa! Or, if you're at a Country bar and your favorite song comes on, you can get on the dance floor and actually do the Country Swing. Knowing how to dance keeps life interesting. Before long, your social life will be filled with variety-from new friends to new dance styles- and you'll be ahead of the pack with a new skill set that is beneficial on so many levels.
  1. Dancing creates a healthy social life. For people who have busy lives and want a social outlet without the need of excess alcohol and the craziness of a bar, partner dancing like Swing dancing or knowing how to Argentine Tango is a great and inexpensive option to build an amazing social circle. It's also fascinating to meet new people from diverse backgrounds who the same interest in dancing as you do.
  1. Dance gives you energy! Whenever you go out Salsa or Country dancing, notice how much energy you gain from it. Dancing can be a wonderful form of therapy for a lot people, both emotionally and physically. Most workouts in gym burn you out, especially if you're over exercising or going crazy like a Cross-fit athlete, but social dancing actually relaxes you while you're "working out".
  1. Gets you in shape! Partner dancing is an amazing way to have a full body workout and have a blast at the same time. In most instances you don't even notice how much your overall health and fitness is improving, since your having so much fun!
    5. It's good for your soul. Let's face it, there's something about moving to  music that no other activity can provide. Dancing to music can relieve us from day to day stress, heal us from emotional pain and gives a freedom that's truly liberating for the soul. 

So this year, we encourage couples and singles alike to learn to social dance. Let your body, spirit and mind be transformed in a healthy and exhilarating way in the year to come. 

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